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A New Chapter

Pursuing a career can be some risky business, risky business that I happen to enjoy. I have been working at the same Hotel for the last 4 years, 3 years ago I was “peaking” and then it all became a bit stagnant whilst I excelled in my current position that I have now officially resigned from. It has been an ongoing “battle” to remain focused over the last few months, allowing oneself to get bored at work is very dangerous and can kill your passion. My passion is working in the Hotel industry and with people, I thoroughly enjoy exceeding the expectations of my guests as well as the Directors and Management in my company.

On the 19th September I accepted an offer to work at a different Hotel within the same Hotel group that I am currently working in and I cannot wait to get started with the new job. I am looking forward to the challenge as well as the opportunity that it has to offer. I am also really sad to be leaving the current Hotel that I am working in as it has been my pride and joy and my “baby” since I started working there on the 4th January 2010. I was part of the opening team and together with other passionate professionals in my Hotel we managed to make it the successful Hotel that it continues to be today. I am so proud of where it is and how far it has come.

When I walk out those doors in a few weeks after my last day I know that I am going to be extremely sad to go, it will truly be one of those bitter sweet moments that I will keep with me for many years to come. I am probably going to be overwhelmed with emotion.

I have always been heavy on the career path, I mean I even ended a rather serious relationship in 2010 because I was taking my career so seriously. Three years on I am now more mature and can make wiser decisions in most aspects of my life. Health, family, friends and my career. They are all equally and differently important to me.

That said, I am looking forward to the next chapter that I am about to enter into.

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