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Umngazi River Bungalows

Umngazi River Bungalows… Most amazing place to spend a holiday if you need to relax, have some “me” time, read that book you have been putting off for the entire year, relax at an award winning spa, catch up on your tan, take breathtaking photos, stroll on the beach, gaze at sunsets, drink 2 bottles or more of wine on the beach, walk in the beautiful forests, abseil, sleep, swim, dive, eat and clearly  just have an overall great therapeutic time.

Stunning Sunsets

I have been going to Umngazi River Bungalows for the last 3 years over my December/New Year annual leave. Every year I take all my leave at once and the only people I can imagine spending this time with is my amazing parents and since they are in the hospitality industry and they work during this very much “in peak” season period for the resort I am “forced” to go there.

Who wouldn't want to go here on holiday?

Greendoor Wine Cellar... WORLD class wines!

Let’s start with the people. The “Pondo” people are very friendly, happy, helpful and protective people. Specifically within this small community within the Umngazi area. On arrival at the resort I am greeted, hugged, kissed and lifted by possibly the entire staff team. Also a time where I have to quickly brush up on my language skills as “Good Morning/Afternoon, how are you” is no good to them, they will only accept what little words I have managed to learn from the last few years of my visiting has taught me.

The staff are great, from the security guard at the main gate, to the gardeners, maintenance, porters, receptionists, housekeepers, baby sitters and food & beverage guys to the management team. They all know how to party up a great storm as well. No one is left out when it comes to having a great time at Umngazi, guests and staff both really get involved.

This holiday all I have on my mind is tanning, sipping wine on the beach, relaxing and regrouping myself – 2011 has been rough, not work wise but relationship wise; both on friendship and partnership sides.

I am going to have to attempt not to eat myself into a coma of course because the food here is just too delicious! Breakfast every morning – full English buffet, Lunch – full buffet (6 x starters/salads, hot dishes and desserts) every day! Dinner – I eat at home *moms cooking… yum*, on Saturdays however it is seafood night at the Hotel so I go down to that *all you can eat seafood buffet*, Sundays is braai day… oh yes… I will post pics later on during the holiday of this. 🙂

This year’s New Year’s party theme is Cowboys & Indians… I have nothing to wear – naked ‘cowlady’ perhaps?

One thing though – there are absolutely no fit men, they are either married or 3 years younger than me… Which is perfect for my December Holiday policy, absolutely no hook ups!

Looking forward to this much deserved holiday 🙂

Ah... Peace and Quiet

Beautiful beaches

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