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The “superb backside and strawberry” story

Never believe a man that tells you that you have a superb backside and lets you eat a strawberry off his cake… (One of my mottos).

So this is obviously about a man; who happens to have an absolutely stunning personality and the looks to match it. – Well 3 months ago I thought so at least…

It all started when I got a random invite out to dinner. I had been trying to meet new people in Jozi for a while, and what a great “opportunity” to meet others that would also be there that night!

Since I didn’t really know anyone at the table, I kept conversation from my side light; the food at the restaurant was delicious!

Across from me sat a really good looking man, and I say man and not guy or boy because you could just see that he was very comfortable/sure of himself (but not in that arrogant way though) and the conversation he was made was actually interesting and worth listening to. I stood no chance… and I still don’t but that’s beside the point. (I typed this over 1 month ago – and I was right I stood no chance, sitting here typing this, I am glad I didn’t – I am hyper, chatty, energetic, passionate about my work and not afraid to be a little crazy from time to time so it would never have worked).

I think if we shared 3 sentences throughout the dinner it was a lot.

After dinner we all ordered some coffee and desserts – I am not really a dessert person so coffee it was. We got chatting and exchanged details. I had seen him on twitter before of course, even followed him – he tweeted too much, I obviously un-followed as there was no connection at the time.

His cake had strawberries on it and as I am seriously not able to turn a strawberry down… EVER… no way was I going to say no to that!

Hmm.. I love Strawberries!

I got a DM on twitter from him before I even walked through my front door that night, asking whether I got home safe – quite sweet I thought because I didn’t think I would ever hear from him after that night really. We got chatting, just general convo – he even tells me “I’m easy on the eyes” *blush*. It was chilled; to be honest I expected nothing from the whole situation at all.

We spoke over the next couple of weeks, not a lot but there were definitely vibes there (at least I thought there were). I was busy until the end of month so any plans of meeting up just weren’t possible.

The worst part is that those silly little things known as butterflies started forming in my tummy. Those random hello messages I was getting were just too exciting. I remember thinking to myself that this was it; I had been single for a year allowing myself time to move on and I was ready for whatever this was quickly becoming. – How mistaken and naive was I?

Damned Butterflies!

We chatted about the idea of meeting up or doing something together… and soon, we hadn’t seen eachother up since that first meeting. The next day we chat and he invites me to his house, now I am a relatively shy/conservative person so this is a bit forward. I am assured that there is no pressure and it’s just takeout and dinner 🙂

It was FUN! Now I was convinced that finally after all this time of being alone this guy had been sent from ‘Heaven’, he was good looking, successful, well mannered, interesting, his pecks – gorgeous! I am totally a peck and calves kind of girl! He also told me that night that I have a superb backside! Lol – have you ever? 😉

>>insert imaginary image of backside in here<<

We chatted, he was suggestive and flirty… made “future plans” of seeing me again, it was amazing. Over the next week he was busy so we managed to only see each other once again during that weekend. The following week – not a word, I am a chatty person and when it comes to who sends the messages first between two people I couldn’t be bothered with that wait to hear from him first nonsense (as mentioned in my about me page). The conversation became offish, the alarm bells in my head were going off but I ignored them. It was me not him (I kept telling myself that). – I should have listened to those alarms bells…


After another week of this dead beat convo and not hearing from him I decide to just be straight forward, what did I have to lose? The response I got was something else, I went numb, my face went numb everything just went tight inside of me. It was horrific. I had been so stupid to think that such a good looking intelligent guy would be remotely interested in me. I wasn’t his “it” – I wasn’t who he could see himself with long term. I just wasn’t who he wanted me to be. – Wow, it took him 2 weeks and 2 visits to decide that and double the time to actually admit this to me?

He captured me, he let me eat his strawberry and he told me that I have a superb backside. – It was all fake, a typical example of how the ‘wrong’ man uses a way to get a girls attention.

As for those butterflies, every time my phone goes off on WhatsApp and it is that “Sonar” sound on my blackberry I am hopeful… that it’s him. – It’s not… today exactly for exactly two weeks it hasn’t been him, and I know it probably won’t ever be again either.

Why did I decide to finally post this article on my blog today of all days after it has been sitting as a draft for over a month? Well he has a blog and when I read an article he posted very similar to how the above can happen between guys and girls I was shocked – practice what you preach right? Hypocrite.

Move on? 🙂 Well I have!

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