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So I have sat here thinking to myself… a blog? Another website where someone goes on  and on about nothing or everything; does it really matter, does what I have to say really interest anyone… well I do not mind whether it does or not. If you do however find something useful out of anything I have to say, well that’s great – just go with it.

I am starting this blog for myself – things that give me; a rush of tears, of happiness, of laughter, of fear, excitement and a rush for everything in life itself!

Work, it consumes me – well it has for the last 5 years and I have realised that I have lost myself; finding myself again and gaining the confidence I used to have in myself is proving to be quite challenging. I recently stuck my head out of that work “comfort zone” looking and hoping for a breath of fresh air. Little did I know that the air would indeed be fresh but difficult to breathe in.

I found that everything had changed around me in the last couple of years – dating was different, social media had come to life, people actually go to gym to keep fit and don’t hang out on courts & fields anymore, I’d missed all those series and movies worth watching over the years that ”everyone” references from, food prices had increased.. yes now that’s obvious, but when you are working in a Hotel I can’t really say you even have time to consider eating let alone walking around a grocery shop! Sure I have the furniture, the garden, the car… but this one, it’s big – I forgot to buy the TV, now try having to explain that one in a conversation with your supposed new venture into “finding” oneself when someone strikes up a conversation about the cute new “Toyota talking dog ad”! Yeah I don’t think so…

So here goes…

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