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Back to Reality

I survived work today! LOL just kidding it was a great day, I haven’t felt so relaxed in a while, so the holiday was 100% worth it –  not even my 500 emails could get me down this morning! 🙂 I walked back into Fire & Ice with the biggest smile, why? Because I absolutely love working there, I love the work I do, the people I work with are amazing (a special shout out to @lee_thabz who is an absolute gem) and of course the Hotel is beautiful.

Those beds are SO comfortable!

Many a jealous day have I sat in my office watching people sip cocktails & milkshakes on the Terrace

After eating well… pretty much all the time on holiday I was dying of hunger today – quick trip to Woolies to sort that out 🙂 definitely worth it because I got to walk past the iStore were an absolute hottie that works there gives me looks that will get him into some trouble one day 😉

Back to gym this evening it was for me, I haven’t been since the 2nd November last year so it was about damn time as well as that New Years resolution I have to keep up 🙂

Witness the fitness

It is like half of Jo’burg has joined my gym this month and they are all kitted out in proper expensive bright candy like gym gear, great  idea you monkeys, see you in 3 months!

Anyway my 2011 gym hottie came as I was leaving *melt* he is so damn sexy! I need to make him a reality 😉 haha

When I got home? This savage attacked me of the gate to my garden!

My CharlieC - crazy boi!

Looking forward to 2012 – it’s going to be epic! I can feel it 🙂

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