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The ‘tipping’ Point

I am not a drinker; let me define this statement – I drink wine, perhaps even more than the average person should drink per day/week/month/annum… but when it comes to the hard core need to drink every time I sit down for a meal, go out, meet friends etc. then no I am no drinker.

I do not think there is a necessity to drink when you go out in order to have fun; I have been out before and had the most amazing time gone home at 4am drinking water alone.

Tomorrow morning I'll be thankful for this water!

But occasionally there are those nights where you’re in the mood to have a couple of drinks, whether you are celebrating or just out to have a good party and there is nothing wrong with that at all. The first few are okay, you start to have a great time, the mood is there and you’re at your sober/tipsy stage… then before you know it you have crossed over, without even realising it you are now out of the tipsy stage straight into that drunk/hammered stage, you feel great of course, you carry on drinking because you are too ‘drunk’ to realise that now it’s time to stop.

I am sure there are a lot of people that can relate to this!

Now my question is; when do you gauge when that ‘tipping’ point is? How do you know that one drink is that gets you from sober/tipsy straight to the drunk/hammered stage. Without realising it, you have gone from ok (where you probably would have woken up with a slight headache the next morning) to completely off your face forget what happened and how you got there situation (where you wake up the next morning, possibly late for something, with a headache that doesn’t feel as if you will ever recover, tired as all hell and you find yourself running for the toilet bowl).

You'll find yourself talking into the big white telephone the next morning...

Which drink was it?

–          It wasn’t the 1st 3 glasses of Champagne

–          It couldn’t have been the 1st glass of wine

–          Could it have been the 4th glass of Champagne?

–          How about the shot of caramel vodka?

–          Or that 2nd glass of wine?

–          How about the Jagermeister? (THIS by the way is enough to make anyone sick, I hate the stuff)

Things started getting cloudy after the above, but I know that there was still a lot of Champagne to follow for the rest of the evening, and another Jagey that got shoved down my throat… no really it got shoved!

The 1st 2 glasses possibly should have been enough...

But my point is before that cloudy stage where I was already in the drunk/hammered stage and it was too late for me, which one of the above was my ‘tipping’ point drink, and how can you never tell when the last one should indeed be the last one that you should have had?

All I can say is thank goodness I am not a drinker because waking up to that feeling the next morning where you feel like the ending of the world would be less painful is not worth it at all!

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