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Party Night

Looked forward to what I thought would be an epic night out… Hadn’t been out since August where I got so badly drunk and literally scared myself into not going out in Jozi for a while.

Guest list hooked up at both Set Venue and Velvet Lounge in Rosebank, I was beyond ready for this night!

I think I was just too excited about going out; it just didn’t work out… Firstly both mates that I had made plans with started having arguments with their boyfriends just before we started getting ready. Now I am not a very sympathetic person when it comes to relationship drama, possibly because when I was in a relationship my ex boyfriend and I hardly ever argued about anything (probably also one of the reasons that we are no longer together). BF & GF drama couldn’t bore me anymore than watching my cat lick his nonexistent balls does. I don’t understand it nor do I have the patience to deal with it.

So here was issue number 1 of the night, it was basically at the point where either they wanted to go out or not. I wasn’t about to beg anyone to go with me on my rocking night out and then mope about giving relationship advice – which I am terrible at because I cannot even manage to figure out what is going on in my very confusing situation at the moment.

1 bailed (which I fully understood because I had dragged her all over the place that week and she had willingly come with me everywhere). So with two of us still standing + 1 (her BF) we got ready for an epic night out.

We got to Rosebank (I shuddered at the memories of myself climbing on top of my car and owling in the parking) LOL – well worth it though!

It was DEAD… I am assuming everyone was either at the Coldplay concert or at the Taboo 8th Birthday Celebration… Bummer! That wasn’t the worst part because the people that did decide to come out that night looked like they had taken their passports out and come through from Kempton Park & Boksburg… eek! We had 1 drink at Velvet Lounge and decided to move onto Greenside.

At least I got to take a photo with this baby

Aston Martin – Dream Car

The Office in Greenside… is fun, really is but not when your friends boyfriend tries to hook you up with his friend, Dion – no thanks. Even more so a no go when Dion grabs your backside. Now those that know me know that I do not like being touched and made a fuss over. When it comes to my backside which happens to be one of my assets I do not become a friendly person when boundaries are crossed. Out came my fangs.

The night from there consisted of consistently being bumped into, hit on by lesbians, declining of tequila and complete rampant drunks – I wasn’t drunk enough for this. But it was “fun” none-the-less because the mate that had gone out with me is always great company and always awesome to be around.

2 am is not a bad time to go home even if the party is crap so we didn’t do so badly; and damn did my bed feel good and my little Ginger Ninja CharlieC was more than happy to have me home.

He keeps eyeing out my balloon that I brought home though

Ministry of Sound Balloon that I had to hide from door guards at Velvet Lounge

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