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The Joys of Baking

I am definitely not one for standing in the kitchen cooking and baking… Barefoot and pregnant, is that a kitchen sex position? LOL

Every now and then I do however get down to my female roots and enjoy making exciting dishes/goodies in the kitchen – this weekend I baked two things Apple Crumble and what I call Cute Cupcakes – because I was just throwing things in there! 🙂 and it was delish!

Here are a few pics –

Apple Crumble, now this particular dessert I have been able to make possibly since I could walk! My mom used to bake it a lot in Zim at our Hotel – Glenlivet… It was amazing!

Instead of being a quick easy task it turned out my Gran actually wanted me to peel, core, slice and poach fresh apples instead!

While I was poaching the apples, I started preparing the pastry… My Gran had issues with the colour of my jeans, LOL

Mount the table... for extra baking luck !

And… my final product 🙂

And  a few pics of the Cute Cupcakes!

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