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Bonjour cours de français…

Recently (last week) I decided that I need to learn how to speak French. Why? Well I’m not sure yet, but it will probably be fun and a good excuse to use a few of the not so English “French” words when I am stuck repeating “J’aimerais français t’embrasser maintenant” in a not so sexy South African accent to some random man in the street.

Before embarking on this ‘language journey’, I went online and searched for some courses in Jo’burg that I could attend. Eventually after opening a couple of links I found what looked like the closest place to where I stay and that offered the most easy going courses so that I could learn the language at my own pace.

I immediately emailed the contact address on the site (because prices were not available online) asking them what the price was for the specific course was that I was interested in.

This morning I received an email (quite speedy on their part), but instead of just answering my question I received a LONG email with the details for every single course that I had seen on their site, by the time I finally scrolled all the way to the bottom of the email thread I only then found the price of the class I was looking for. I am still trying to figure out if the fee is per session/per week or per month. Information overload.

I work in an industry where people ask questions every day that require a simple and quick answer, well I am pretty sure most people do. At the end of the day there is nothing more frustrating than asking a basic question and then having to sift through an entire document of information before you can find the answer what you were asking in the first place. Maybe I am too pedantic, who knows?

Looking forward to learning how to speak French in the near future! 😉

“Bonjour monsieur pussycat…” – that is currently all I can say. Cartoons for the win.

 À bientôt!


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