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Sexy Kiss of the Day

They say a kiss is just a kiss. I couldn’t disagree more. The kiss speaks a language all of its own. It can ask a question, or answer one. It can reveal insecurity or offer up reassurance. It has the power to bring a blind date crashing to earth, or to launch it into blissful, unending orbit. It is the epicentre of sexual intimacy and the harbinger of fading love. It is a refuge for rich and poor, black and white, deaf and blind. No, a kiss is definitely not just a kiss. I am all for kissing, more kissing I say.

I blogged about kissing, read more about that here.

Kissing is like unspoken poetry, done by your lips on another persons body.

*sigh* - lip poetry

*sigh* – lip poetry

I totally want to be fit enough to be able to do this one day! 🙂

Kiss - 30th September 2013

Here’s an interesting one for today 🙂 wish I was this flexible!

Flexi much?

Flexi much?

Okay so it has been ages since I have shared some kisses on here, hope you like… 😉

Sexy Kiss of the Day - 10 Sept 2013 (3)

Sexy Kiss of the Day - 10 Sept 2013 (4)

Sexy Kiss of the Day - 10 Sept 2013

Sexy Kiss of the Day - 10 Sept 2013 (2)

Happy Saturday *kisses* 🙂

Kisses in the H2O

Kisses in the H2O

There are always time for kisses in my world 🙂 and even though Valentines Day is just a normal day, there is always something magical about it! xXx

Sexy Kiss of the Day - 14th February 2013

Sexy Kiss of the Day - 14th February 2013

Sexy Kiss of the Day - 14th February 2013

Cuddles & Kisses!



Kisses 🙂 *love*

A kiss would help lift my spirits!

A kiss would help lift my spirits!

“Kiss me and you will see how important I am. ” Sylvia Plath

Love this pic!

Love this pic!

This is too cute!

iPhone kisses!

iPhone kisses!

It’s “Kiss a Ginger” day! Heavens knows that I have done my part but to all of you out there, grab a ginger & plant a sexy one on their lips today!

Kiss a Ginger!

Kiss a Ginger!

Two for good measure!

Happy ‘kissday’ 🙂



Tuesday morning kisses!

Retro Kisses

Retro Kisses

Just *:)*

Just *:)*




Yum is about to happen...

Yum is about to happen…

My two friends (Sarah & Danielle) ‘kissing’ at the Civil Twilight concert in Jozi last night. Nice ladies! I am jealous 😉

Hot chicks kissing!

Hot chicks kissing!

Kisses, kisses and just… more kisses 😉

Hmm… neck kisses!

erm… just yes

Tummy kisses are the best!

Morning cuddles & kisses are the best! 🙂

Breaky kisses! 🙂

I think it is time to get back to the beach again… and soon 😉 what a hot pic!

Time to get to the beach yet?

Almost time for the beach! 😉

Kiss… water… wet

Kisses… yummy yummy kisses 🙂

Yes please!

Hmm 🙂

The one thing in the world that I love love love *kisses*

Erm… hello!

It rained in Jozi last night! Loved it! Imagine all the sexy kisses that were happening in the rain all over the city! 🙂

Kisses in the rain!

Sexy Kiss of the Day is dedicated to my cousin Karen who got married in Zim a few days ago 🙂 stunning pic!

Nice one Cuz!

Hmmm… I like me some sailor boys 😉


Anyone have a good Spring Day picnic today? 😉

Nice moves!

Need to get to the beach…. ASAP!

Hmm – hells yeah!

I think the rainy season needs to start… soon!

I have no words….

Kiss… wet

So it’s official, I need to move into a place that has stairs!

Check that sexy bum out!!

More kisses are needed in my life! Look how he has his arms around her back, 1 2 3 … awww 😉

Is this the new way to give goodbye kisses?

I need to get to the beach again… ASAP!

Hells yes!

A new nomination for Sexy Kiss of the day from Sarah 🙂 thanks lady!

Too absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Just for a little Friday treat 😉 here are some HOT kisses!

erm… yum!

I can do with a little bit of this position 😉

Yes please!

OMG! It is Gustav Klimt’s 150’th Birthday today, I hope one day I can own a print of one of his most famous paintings known as “The Kiss”!

Love this!

So it’s been really long since I posted my last kiss on here, if you haven’t already picked up on it yet (which you are clearly quite stupid if not) I abso-freaking-lutely love kissing. Like can’t get enough of it obsessed 🙂 Here’s a new fav I thought I’d share with you!

Love this!

Nom… Nom nom nom 🙂

I could totally be into this right now 😉

*Sigh* It’s like the craving just doubled a thousand times over!

Aw… 🙂

Masquerade anyone? I would not mind kissing a masked man like this!


I would love to find myself in this position 🙂

Love it!

Any one want to play dress up? This looks awesome!

Dres up!!

The cars…

The kiss…

I will one day have a ‘secret door’ in my garden 🙂

This is cute!

Okay seriously? How is this even done…


I want my hair that colour! Check this kiss out 😉

Oi! Love this!

Yes please!

Up against that wall!

Back at work and back in the city! I left these beach kisses behind! 😉

Grr!! Gimme gimme!

Last day at the coast, still no kisses! Haha

Look how he’s dipping her backwards!

These kisses are always the best!


Dad cycled today.. I spotted hotties, but no kisses for me 😉

Hmmm, love how he is holding her!

Kenton on Sea… no kisses though 😦

Beach Kisses.. hmm

Wake on a Saturday morning like this much? I wish!

Yes please!

I am having heart palpitations – this is too cutey 😉

aaaaahhhhhh *squeels*

Sigh… Two of my favourite things! Kissing on a rail road track and up in the air 🙂

Love this!

So like… what’s a good kiss without a little boob action sometimes? 😉

Firm grip that there hold he has…

I totally still need to try one of these kisses in the water sometime still! 🙂

Hmm, yum!

*sigh* I love kisses like this that are up in the air! 🙂


This time next week I will be on the beach! 🙂

Beach kiss much?

OMG! How sexy is this pic? But the chick is too skinny! Yuck!

Skinny bitch!

I think it is officially about time I look into getting myself one of these to wake up to, and I don’t mean the book… 😉

Good Morning Babe

Sometimes you just really really need a kiss on the forehead…

“Hold me”

This kiss is just too cute! 🙂 love it

Too cutey!

I can totally like to be doing this! Someone bring me a coat… and a man! 😉

Yes please!

You know the type of kiss you look forward to when you haven’t seen someone in ages? You jump into the air and they catch you and then… you kiss!


Wow, loving this pose! Looks like a really hot kiss as well 😉


3 kisses to make you smile all at once 🙂

3 x kisses

I love the car, the first thing I noticed was the car… until I saw his boots. Now I can’t stop staring at those boots O_O

The kiss is also pretty cute…

Anyone like to visit the Great Wall of China? 🙂

Hmm 🙂

Okay, so today I officially watched the infamous movie ‘The Notebook’. My Ryan Gosling is young in this movie, but obviously still a fox (pity he didn’t use the razor a bit more though – that beard is a no go). Anyway my sexy kiss of the day comes from the movie, and is also the very first kiss that I have featured from a movie!

Ah… Ryan Gosling!

How stunning is this picture? 🙂

This picture is gorgeous!

I am sick 😦

I needed some of this today 😦

There is possibly nothing that is better than this kiss! WOW!

My new bucket list kiss!

Picnic time 🙂

Too cute!

I love pictures of kisses in the city 🙂

A little bit of ass grab!

Kisses on the beach are always the best!

Beach kisses

This is what I miss the most, kissing on the bed, whenever!


Pity I don’t have a bath in my house 😦

Rub a dub dub!

Alien kisses!

Embracing 🙂

It’s raining in Jozi! Whoop whoop 🙂 Love it!

hmm.. YES PLEASE!!!

How awesome is this? 🙂


Kisses of endearment 🙂 Love these!

Love Kisses

Full frontal kisses!

Kisses on the cheek!

Nose Kisses!

Kisses & Smiles

Nice warm and snug kisses!

Winter Kisses!

It’s time to get to Yoga!

Not that is hectic!

I need to get back to the beach!

Beach Time!

I got a photo 😉


Want some!

Cuddle cuddle…

Winter kisses 🙂

This weekend…


Beach Balloons!

Night time balloons!

Party Balloons!

Big Balloon!

Tunnel Balloons!

This couples balloons!

MORE beach balloons!!!

Love this kiss 🙂

Yum yum yum!

I am just in the mood for lots of kisses today! And they all have red in them 🙂

Red Cardigan!

Red Lipstick!

Red Umbrellas!

Red Hearts!

Red Ring!

Red Beanie & Red Bong!

Red Car!

Red Scooter!

Red Bench!

Red Dress!

So this morning woke up and scrolled down my TL and someone RT a picture of a kiss – just loved it! Thanks Charné Jade for letting me use it! 🙂

Love this!

Felt like two kisses today, and they both have cars in them 🙂

Love this 🙂

Bucket List wedding kiss!

I could do that, easily 🙂

Um… Yes please!

This is a great kiss.. & I am loving that sexy outfit he’s wearing 😉

Oo Yummeh!

CHECK this kiss out, who wants to get married, we can try a little bit of this! Samantha Robinson came across it! So this one is for you lady 🙂

I do I do I do!

Hello there!! Loving this!

Scooter + Street… yum yum

Those yellow lines do not even stick out compared to that kiss 🙂

Always time…

How… stunning does his face look? I’m in love 😉


As a result of last night’s crazy party, I have been hanging all day!


Totally partied like a rock star tonight!

Ah yeah!

Seriously need to try this one sometime, and how sexy is that back?!


It’s more than official! I totally love kissing, I have no favs!

Love this!

They are not really kissing each other, but I absolutely loved this when I saw it!

Kissy kissy 🙂

There is nothing like kissing in a boat 🙂

Bucket List Kiss!

The AM kiss! Love it 🙂

Kiss in PJs

All I can say is… WOW!!


Another kiss I want to do!

Love this!

Thumbs up is correct!

Hmm… Yum!

I just know they are kissing!

Love her dress!

Bucket list kiss!!!

Love this!

This looks so cutey 🙂

Kiss me 🙂

I need to get to the beach again! With a plus 1!

Kiss on a beach!

Okay seriously!!! Mints that have pictures of kisses on the tin, love them – you can find them at Big Blue in Cresta 🙂

Keep that mouth fresh for more kissing!

I found a Journal at Exclusive Books with this stunning painting on it! It’s called “The Kiss” by Klimt.

“The Kiss”

This looks so gorgeous *sigh*

I found this coaster at the Guest House my parents were staying at in Jozi, love it! Where can I get some?

Coaster Kisses!

Hiding behind trees and kissing 🙂


Some where out there someone is busy kissing right now 🙂

So Romantic!

Do you think this was a goodbye or welcome home kiss?

Love a man in uniform… temporarily 😉

If I was cycling the Argus today I would seriously have gotten distracted by some of those hot men around me and ended up in a compromising position like the one below 😉

Just going out for a ‘bike’ ride…

An underwater kiss, and this particular one is pretty sexy 😉 – if these storms keep it up in Jozi we’ll be kissing under the water soon soon!

Hmm… this is a bucket list kiss for sure!

Why when I am kissing do photos like these not get snapped up? Do people walk around with on site photographers all the time or something?

Reflection Kiss!

This actually looks like more of a hug but I am sure a pretty awesome kiss followed 🙂

Woo hooooooo!

That is a pretty sexy upper body right there 😉

Check those arms out!

It just started raining outside, it smells absolutely amazing 🙂

Love rain!

Does this look like one of those first date kisses?

Almost… lean in a bit more!

Such a Boyfriend & Girlfriend type kiss this 🙂

Too Sweet!

It would have been exactly four years today. Funny how I bumped into my ex last night at 2 Door Cinema Club, what are the chances? Any ways I said I would eventually post a picture of myself kissing someone on here one day and here it is… Well there’ll be more.

Cannot believe I actually came across this the other day!

This looks like a kiss that would take place just after a walk on a farm or after it has rained!

Gumboot Kiss!

How delicious is this picture?

All I am saying is YES PLEASE!

This such a BF & GF kiss 🙂 love this!

Love all those colours!

There’s a glass of wine in their hands, yes I noticed… *wino*

Is this the start of a goodnight kiss?

I have been bad… 4 days and no kisses, well I definitely have the pics of the last 4 days kisses but have just not had the time to put them up; but for todays one I definitely had to take the time 🙂 How lovely is this? Probably a new fav of mine I’d say!

Hope she’s wearing some sexy French knickers!

Wet, water, kiss… yum

Anything that involves water is GREAT!

First a little nibble and then for the kiss!

Nibble Nibble!

Absolutely love this, I need to get back to the Botanical Gardens 🙂

This looks like a picnic kiss!

I need to get back onto the beach 😉


Okay seriously? Is this even possible? If this was at all possible I would definitely want to be in front of every motorbike that came my way 😉

I’d be more worried about getting run over!

Makes me happy this kiss 🙂

Sunshine & Happiness

It rained today!! I love the rain.. everything about it!

Rain Kisses!!

When you wake up in the morning next to a great kissing partner… nice 🙂

Good Morning Kiss

I would do absolutely anything to be at the beach right now!

Beach Kiss

Seeing as it has been a while since I have dedicated one to Lorne… This one is for you @LorneErik

😉 delicious

How cute?

Bend and Kiss!

This is a damn sexy picture! I like the ‘pants’ she’s wearing, wouldn’t mind a pair of those myself.

Very Kiss pic!

Valentines Day Kiss 🙂

Valentines Kiss

Love this kiss, it’s so playful 🙂

Bed Time Kisses

I am really enjoying this up in the air thing with kisses at the moment 🙂

Love this!

The day I find a man that is actually strong enough to pick me up and kiss me like this 😉


Ok I am en route to Dullstroom and can I just say that I feel like a little kid! So excited, I haven’t been back since 2007… avoidance I guess. But I can remember fields of beautiful long green grass and stunning wild flowers, my kiss of the day –

Meadow Kiss!

HOW stunning is this kiss? The city lights in the background are so gorgeous 🙂 Definitely a bucket list kiss this! Can just imagine what the lights from one of the tall buildings in Jo’burg look like!

wow… Wow… WOW!!

So is her hair wet because they’ve just has a shower or because she’s been sweating?

Hot ‘n Steamy!

Happy Kiss 🙂 Makes me want to go have a picnic in a park so that I can also find a bench to kiss on!

Bench Kiss

Loving my kiss today! How romantic 🙂

Riverside Kiss

So I hear that today is International Kissing Day! Which definitely calls for a few dedication requests and more than one kiss!

The first request that I received was from @Sarahious – avid Sexy Kiss of the Day follower 🙂

Love this embrace!

The second request for the day came from @LorindasWorld – who often sends me sexy pictures of kisses!

A lil bit of sunshine!

Damn that is one fine kiss!

And here are my two kisses for today 🙂

Kiss with a kitteh!

And it’s raining outside – this seemed appropriate!

So tonight I am going to the Phantom of the Opera, I am so excited! Like… SO. EXCITED! This was the obvious kiss of the day to have 🙂

Phantom of the Opera

Restaurant kisses. I need to find someone to kiss outside a restaurant!

Thanks for ze dinner kiss!

This kiss gets me hot! Nice 🙂

Hot Stuff!

So this kiss was late… It should have been on here yesterday! But better late than never 😉


It is the end of Jan! Can you believe it? Anyway that has nothing to do with kissing – I want to kiss 🙂 Today’s kiss just makes me smile, I absolutely love it!

How happy does this couple look? I love it 🙂

My love of kissing hit an ultimate high yesterday! I went to the Bioscope in Jozi Town and at the Chalkboard Collaboration Cafe they have  KWV’s “new” Fusion Wine Spritzers that have a picture of a kiss on the labels!! Of course that had to be a kiss of the day image 🙂  Getting some of my own kisses on top of this was the high 😉

The fact that this stuff tastes so gooood is awesome!

hmm… my new favourite drink 🙂

In Jo’burg City centre again today, it is absolutely beautiful there – I do not know why I don’t spend more time in Town 🙂

City Kisses… Hmm

Good night kisses, good morning kisses – me loves!

Bed kisses!

In one hell of a serious rush… getting ready in less that 30 minutes has got to be a record that I set myself on a weekly basis! Anyway… today’s kiss, all I am thinking to myself is where the hell are that guys balls sitting?

Such amazing “technique” O_o

Wow I am tired, I have seriously become out of practice… need more reasons to get fit, in all sorts of ways 😉

More like a nibble nibble than a kiss…

What an amazing night, I worked a 15.5 hour shift… not too bad 😉 – the #FollowSA #Howzit2012 #fireandicema tweetup event was epic and so successful. My kiss today is not ‘sexy’ per say, but it is a party kiss! And I finally got to meet my Sexy Kiss of the Day follower @Sarahious :)!!

Partykie Kiss !

Saw some really pretty clouds on the way home today, I love self taken kisses – they’re so real 🙂

Double Kiss!

What a flipping hectic day, wow. I generally love Monday’s, I’m convinced that today definitely wasn’t a Monday. Anyway – helium balloons always make me smile and when I saw this picture it made me smile 🙂

A bunch of balloons… way better than a bunch of flowers somtimes 🙂

Last night and again this afternoon there were huge storms in Jozi. This Sexy Kiss of the Day nomination came from @Sarahious and it’s the perfect picture! 🙂

Love this kiss! How romantic 😉

I would love to start waking up in the mornings to this… Kisses, cuddles and ?

Morning Kisses… Best ever!

I seriously need to make my way to a library or book shop if this is what goes on in there! Yum yum yum!

Mind a book doesn’t drop on your head!

I love today’s kiss! Yowza, she really looks like she is enjoying that kiss! I could myself enjoy an entire night of it myself too 😉


Finally we’ve found the bed… and it’s comfortable… not only the bed that is 😉

I love to cuddle!

What I would have done for a +1 to be with me last night when I was writhing in absolute pain! One of the worst parts of being single – no one to look after you 😦

Needing some cuddles

City lights & sexy kisses 🙂

Kisses 🙂

So I did 6 loads of laundry today, hardly my idea of fun on a Sunday… I may have had more fun if I had been in the same situation as the below picture 😉

Laundromat Kiss!

Kissing on a couch is really… really not comfortable! lol

Let’s move to the bed!

Sometimes a kiss gets even sexier with some boob action 😉

Yum yum yum!

It’s not everyday you get to kiss a Chipmunk 🙂 I snapped the below pic at the Rosebank Mall today…

Kissing a Chipmunk!

Today was DARK… I didn’t even go to gym, I am tired and not in the mood for anything, well except maybe a kiss 😉

I needed a little sunshine today!

SEXY kiss of the day… yum! I am really craving a good one!


Whew what a day… Its all work and no play for me now – I am going to have to put my head down and do some proper grafting, these sexy pictures will have to be it as I am married to work! 🙂

Married to work!

So you know when you kiss someone that tries to stuff their entire tonue into your mouth? Yes its disgusting! Well today I put up with that, purely because the guy that was doing the kissing was so sexy! Wonder if I can ‘train’ him to kiss properly? 😉

Mr. Muscles… who could resist?

There is just something about this embrace that makes this picture sexy 🙂 What do you think?

I just think she really needs a tan!

Back in Jozi, as I flew in today I thought it only seemed appropriate that I do a goodbye/aeroplane kiss 🙂

I’m leaving on a Jet plane!

When I saw this kiss I totally had to save it for the Sexy Kiss of the Day, it’s not every day that you manage to catch a kiss like this 🙂 I love it!

Motorbike or mirror kiss?

My last day on the beach :(, it has been an epic holiday and I did well to follow my Dec holiday rule – absolutely NO HOOK UPS… At least I had my sexy kisses every day to perve over instead 😉 And today my sexy kiss of the day is old school!

Old School Beach Kiss!

Bucket List kiss! Railway road kiss 🙂

Hmm… I wish!

Loving that thick head of wavy hair on the guy and what a divine pose!

This looks absolutely divine!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s my sexy ‘alley’ kiss 🙂

Love this Kiss

New Year’s theme for tonight ‘Cowboys & Indians’, I am going as a Cowgirl! Here’s today’s sexy kiss, my barnyard kiss 😉

Cowboys & Cowgirls kissing tonight!!

It’s hot again here at Umngazi today, that means sun, beach, tan and swim time! It’s wishful to hope I can find myself in the below compromising position today as there is not really a lot to go with walk around the pool/beach 🙂

I love beach kisses!

Where to start? 🙂 A very good looking friend of mine that I met 5 years ago and have had a crush on since I first saw him told me yesterday that he is gay – my thoughts? Good for him! Everyone deserves happiness and to be able to be open about it is fantastic – he is still a great friend of mine. So today’s Sexy Kiss of the Day is dedicated to you @LorneErik 😉

All kisses are sexy! Yum 😉

It’s overcast today and in about T – 30 minutes I will be going for a walk on the beach (not with a +1 though…) oh well, this kiss seemed appropriate!

Beach Kisses *place heart here*

I am ashamed! I didn’t manage to get connected to the internet yesterday to get onto my blog but I managed to tweet my Sexy Kiss of the Day, and here is yesterday’s kiss…

Nibble Nibble!

So today someone was telling me about the rainy weather that he is having where he is on holiday and that he was practically in bed all day – then sends me the following “When you French kiss someone for a minute, you both burn about 2.6 calories”. When I ask him if he wants to be my kissing partner – his response “No” – I mean really, why even entertain any of the convo we had today? Anyways I love today’s sexy kiss, I would love to do some French kissing, possibly before the next decade ends!

French Kissing!! Grr

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

Christmas Kisses

It is Christmas tomorrow, love it – one of my most favourite days of the year. Nuff said…

Christmas Kisses

Tonight I have barely enough time to even get to this, kisses… yum I am seriously having withdrawal – particularly from someone that is celebrating his Bday tomorrow; as I would say on twitter #justsaying. Tonight I am once again drowing it out with Tequila 😉

I just want to be with you again…

So my sexy kiss of the day was discovered recently by a really awesome lady via twitter @Sarahious and on twitter she rocks (we haven’t met in person yet) but I sure she would be just as awesome in person, and even more so!

I have been asked to ‘allow’ sexy kiss of the day fans to send through kissing picture requests, and finally now that I have proper access to the internet on my holiday I can put my first request on, which also happened to come from @Sarahious.

This picture happens to be connected to a true story (which is quite romantic) and was posted on news channels/sites across the world a few months back – here it is 🙂

Vancouver kiss couple

To read the full (really awesome story) – follow this link “Vancouver kiss couple“.

Loving this ‘bed’ kiss… One of the reasons being single is sometimes overrated.

Cuddles & Kisses

So I am late… but really the signal here is crap, and the reason I am late is because I have been partying, and this is how I feel like kissing tonight 😉

I want me some drunk kissing!

I need to find one of these to enjoy a little bit of that on the beach… 😉

How does one get into such a compromising position…

Okay, so later on when I stick my toes in the freezing cold water at the Umngazi beach I am hoping that I encounter one of these in the ocean…

Bring me a Merman!

I am officially on Holiday for the next 23 days, HOLIDAY! Now I am not exactly going to a place where I will potentially be in contact with anyone I can kiss, unless the one dodgy entertainment guy that works at my parents Hotel counts.. which he doesn’t, if we were the last 2 humans left and the World’s population depended on it – I would rather grab a can of sunscreen and lie in the sun with my boobs out than entertain that thought. The 2-3 newly matriculated and extremely well carved young specimens won’t count either… So I guess it will be the sunscreen, sun and boobs out instead for me then… Oh shucks – I am rambling aren’t I?

This looked like a fun holiday kiss to me…

That holiday fling, a girl can only dream! Well in this case… I can only dream!

So to be honest, this kiss is not sexy, but I am sorts of morbid today. I know why but I am just going to tell everyone that asks that I don’t know. If something has to be kept a secret it shouldn’t be. Hence I give to you today’s kiss!

Things should not be secret otherwise they just shouldn’t be!

This is my romantic kiss 🙂

I love that balloon!

A little more of a nibble than a kiss today, we all like a little bit of a nibble sometimes don’t we?

Nibble nibble…

I am loving today’s sexy kiss of the day, I don’t even know what to say about it… just picture and enjoy 😉

Kiss me there…

It RAINED today, I love the rain it does something extra special to a person – something short of making me want to rip my clothes off and start standing in the downpour, anyway 🙂 that brings me to today’s picture! It involves… cars, rain and kissing!

Hmm… I love the rain the most when it…

Went to Arts on Main in the centre of town for the first time today, it was really pretty… Today’s kiss is therefore a city setting!

Pretty City Kiss

I am in the Mother City (Cape Town) and it is stunning, actually so are the people! This morning one thing that stuck out for me were all the cyclists and the vespas, I present to you today’s sexy kiss of the day 🙂

I wouldn’t mind being on that bike right now…

Really didn’t think I was going to get round to doing today’s sexy kiss, nearly died this morning from what I think was one of the worst hangovers I have EVER experienced! That awkward moment when  a 23 year old body doesn’t quite recover as a well as a newly matriculated one! haha, just kidding! ANYWAY… Today’s sexy kiss – the water, those arms, those bodies and the angle of those heads! Hmm, I love it!

Hmm… water, wet!

I love this kiss, it’s retro, it’s funky and the rocking the style of what they are wearing – too sexy!

Retro Kiss

I have never been kissed on a sports field, court… before and I think that is most def on my “kissing bucket list” – kissed passionately by a sexy sweaty sportsman! 😉

Yes please, I’m totally into sports!

As mentioned yesterday, I am at the Coast for the rest of the week… last night I found the below picture, also taken on the beach – not quite kissing, but I’m sure you can just picture that follow through in your head? Yum…

Yeah, I need to find me some of that!

So considering I am headed down to the Western Cape (Hermanus and then the Mother City – Cape Town) for the rest of the week ahead, I thought why not dedicate a ‘Sexy Kiss of the Day’ to a beach kiss – I thought this picture was just too sexy… I wouldn’t mind being in that position 😉

Beach Kiss

Today’s kiss is totally dedicated to the ‘morning kiss’ – I think some of the most passionate kisses go down in the am 😉

GOOD Morning Kiss

My First kiss is definitely the one that is on the header of my Blog, I think it is absolutely divine. Just look at it, her arms casually thrown over his shoulders and the way he is holding the small of her back… hmm, yum!

It must be the cars!

3 thoughts on “Sexy Kiss of the Day

  1. I share this same view, the first kiss will always be the deciding factor.. Although if I really like her I’m a little awkward..

  2. Trev on said:

    U asked who wanted to get married so u could kiss like the one pick… Well I’ll try that with u!

  3. I am still sending these pictures to my long distance girlfriend in China … one a day keeps the other wolves away 😉 or at least keeps her from looking to closely at the other wolves. Keep them coming.

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