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Parklife Festival

Parklife is upon us yet again, let’s hope I actually make it past 4pm this time!

The last Parklife Festival that I went to last year in November was pretty rad, and the people I went with were probably also the main reason, but I unfortunately had to leave as I had too much to drink and as my phone had been stolen the Friday night before I could not get hold of anyone and got myself lost (yes, true story). I was also only a tad drunk because I had been sober for a month prior to the festival, so my tolerance level was a joke.

Anyhoo! The line-up for tomorrow looks great, I want to see The Plastics, Matthew Mole, Al Bairre, December Streets, Frank Turner, SHORTSTRAW, Newtown Knife Gang, The Kiffness, Gangs of Ballet, and KT Tunstall. Yes so basically everyone, I want to see everyone.

Check the times of the line-up below.

Parklife Line-Up

Looking forward to ticking another music festival and some more bands off!

Tickets Tickets Tickets

It’s Time

So I am having a bit of a break from being online (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook), why? Well other than actually just needing a break from “those groups” of friends I am also trying to avoid causing a nasty little scene and prevent myself from having a really horrible vent online for the entire public to see. It makes no difference that I am now blogging about it though, but it will probably feel good to let it all out.

You see I met this guy last year in October (I am not planning on telling the whole story). When I first laid eyes on him I totally thought he was out of my league because he was so darn good looking. Got over it, because he was out of my league and knew it would probably not even worth showing any interest. Over the next couple of months the usual happened, followed me on Instagram, I followed back, same thing on Twitter, and then eventually we added each other on FB, started chatting and flirting a bit via FB messenger etc. didn’t really think it would go anywhere.

In December we really started chatting, a lot. A lot. Forgive me for repeating this, but I really do not have guy “friends” that just communicate (send emoticons, compliments, messages, kisses etc.) with me from morning till night, unless they’re interested. It was a lot, and he seemed interested, trust me.

Anyway, long story short, this continued, I met the folks, met a few of the friends (on various occasions), we hung out… the norm… I thought it was going somewhere, you know, as one would…? I didn’t even worry that I was getting my hopes up because it felt like it was OK to be this happy and I would not have to worry about my hopes being shattered. I let my guard down.

Turns out it I was wrong, you see it is apparently normal that people that communicate on a non-stop basis and see each other in what I would call a “relationship” type of vibe that they then actually completely stop talking to you and disappear off the face of the earth. It apparently really is normal? And also I have been told I was “stupid” to assume that it was even a relationship as we never really had that “what are we” discussion, I was also told that people don’t really have those discussions these days, hence me never bringing it up.

Now basically 3 months down the line, I have forced myself to move on, as painful as it has been, and it has been painful, because I thought that finally I had met someone that was treating me like an angel, saying I was pretty and giving me compliments had come along.

Up until a few weeks ago the last month that he stopped contacting me had been hell, because I went about 10 steps backwards from the person I was to someone that my friends didn’t even recognise. I spent free time fretting about why he wasn’t contacting me, feeling insecure and inadequate and not good enough and losing who I was. Every message I did receive from him (which were few and far between) I clung onto with a ridiculous amount of hope.

Two weeks ago, I made the decision to move on, reading the above you wouldn’t think so but I have managed to stop contacting him, I have been going out and having a great time with my friends and spending time with people that are worth spending my time with, I have even met a guy that I will approach with caution until I know where it is going.

This Monday someone told me that he has supposedly been seeing another girl over the past month, I am not one to listen to rumours and I will give him the benefit of the doubt because it hasn’t come from him, but I am certainly over giving a damn and allowing him and his actions to keep hurting me. His loss.

I have gained my self-security back again and do not feel insecure anymore, and I have no reason to either. And most of all, coming from what I said in the beginning, is that he is not the one that is out of my league, but I in fact am out of his league, because I deserve more and I sure as hell deserve to be treated better.

This is going to be the last time I will ever allow a guy to rule my mind and my heart to a point that I do not even recognise who I am anymore. And if and when I find the time to allow another guy in, he is going to have to compliment the strong individual that I am and not complete it.

Kissing, So Hot Right Now

We all know what a sucker I am for kissing, I have said it before and I will keep saying it. Kissing is probably the sexiest thing out there that two people can do. When I kiss someone it will either make or break whatever is to happen from that point onwards.

I have not been posting a lot of pictures on my kissing page lately, yes I am a slacker, but I post a lot on my Pinterest kissing board. Eat your heart out at these images. Hot.

Now the reason I am actually blogging about this subject today, instead of the usual post on the aforementioned dedicated kissing page is because, have you seen what is happening out there? Kissing is hot, and it’s grabbing people’s attention, about damn time too.

The Lacoste Ad. “The Big Leap”

From your first steps, to your first race.
From your first scream, to your first speech.
From your first heartbeat, to your first kiss.

I mean hello? That is hot!

The video “20 Strangers Kiss for the First Time”

Okay, so now that we have all watched that and gotten a stupid smile on our (my) face/s, how lovely is this? I loved it, from the second I heard about it, until the very last moment of the clip. And yes, I believe it’s actually a clothing ad. and the “strangers” are all actually actors. I do not care, it’s magical. The song also really makes the whole thing, I want to kiss while it’s playing in the background, so if there are any takers out there, I am looking to get French…

And then, whilst paging around on Flipboard, something I do not often do (not often enough) I discovered this song, I am still trying to decide if I actually like the song or if it’s just the kissing in the music video that captured me. Okay, I do actually like the song”, listen to the words. Oh. My. Gawsh. “I only need you to be French with me”.

Shura – Touch

This new girl that is on the block better have her music available on iTunes, soon.

When he leaned over to kiss me for the first time on his couch I thought my mind was going to explode. And it feels that way every time. And so it should.

We Are One Colour Festival

So with less than a week to go this years “We Are One Colour Festival” is basically here. Yes yes, “we” are all so fed up of the colour runs/walks/festivals/dances blah blah blah. I am not, last year I did not go this specific event because it was on the day that I landed back in SA from my Thailand Contiki Tour (it’s already been a year since then!?). I am so excited for this festival, I do not care that colour events are “overdone”, because in that case 10km races, heavy metal, indie & rock gig, Warrior races are all over done then.

The more things that are happening on weekends the happier I am, I spent 4 years focusing on my career and not having a social life, so the more things available for me to attend and do the better. Especially if I get to meet more people.

That said, I am thinking about going sober again, this drinking BS is not working out for my body, or my bank account. I had just as much fun at Bastille in January when I wasn’t drinking, and actually remembered the songs that sang, something I cannot really say for Ramfest about Biffy Clyro & Foals!

Here’s the line-up for Jo’burg’s We Are One festival:

  • Penthouse
  • Matt Suttner
  • Michael Lesar
  • Maoriginal joined by Oskido
  • Mix n Blend
  • Felix Da Housecat (USA)

If you’re going and manage to survive the Parklife Festival, which I also plan to attend, I’ll see you there! 🙂

We Are One Festival

Ramfest 2014

A week ago at this time I was busy packing up to leave Ramfest 2014; Ramfest, where do I begin? It was beyond anything I had ever imagined it would be. My mind was blown, repeatedly.

I finally got my ticket on Thursday afternoon and then went to fetch the rest of the camping stuff that I needed from my mate on Friday morning.

And then the road trip out to Witfontein began, might I add that I did not realise how “far” it was…!

Road Trippin'

We arrived at the site and before anything else could begin I opened up an ice cold Savanna… and then another, and then another. Thank goodness for the men that were willing to put my tent up (had I needed to do it myself however, I would have) but I didn’t 😉

Angie and I did a little exploring of the surroundings took place so that we could know where everything was before we got too tipsy and we were set!

Vuvuvultures were awesome, totally loved their vibe! Gangs of Ballet, always been a fave. Practically broke my neck head banging to Facing the Gallows, and look I do not really listen to Heavy Metal at all, but I absolutely love listening to these guys, their stage presence is something else. From this point on everything went South, in other words I was having the time of my life.


Losing our minds to Facing the Gallows (image credit to Tyrone Beynon)

Losing our minds to Facing the Gallows (image credit to Tyrone Beynon)

I loved what I can remember of Foals and Biffy Clyro… yes, what I can remember. What I did in between Foals and Biffy, I have no idea, I presume I floated around like a festival gypsy. I am pretty sure I swayed about listening to Prototype and Heazer at the Olmeca Stage before I then decided to send myself back to my tent. How I managed to find my tent is beyond me, but I woke up in it the next day.

Waking up on Saturday morning was hilarious, partly because I was still drunk. I missioned with Wes to go find the toilets and to go buy much needed coffee from one of the stalls, which was rather unsuccessful, but some friendly (clearly seasoned) festival campers saw us and offered us some coffee on the way past, I obviously looked like I needed the coffee in my leopard print PJ shorts! haha.

After eventually finding food I then decided it was time to sleep again, which was perfect because it started to rain and I was feeling like the dogs breakfast.

When I resurfaced out my tent I was ready for round two, and my mate Chantal had also arrived from Jozi so I had another partner in crime.

We went to the stages to go listen to the bands that were playing, Man As Machine were cool, heard them before, not the hugest fan. Loved Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop, Newtown Knife were good, did a little bit of that festival gypsy nonsense and THEN SHORTSTRAW. I can lose my freaking mind when I listen to them, in fact I did lose my mind. I am a proper groupie for them. I heard Pestroy from a distance, it was their last show for a while.


It was at this point on Saturday that sh*t really did go South and I floated from one stage to the next, pouring one drink after another into my cup. Trivium, Fuzigish and Killswitch Engage were disgustingly awesome. I blame them for having a seriously swollen throat on Sunday morning from screaming and singing, and for stiff calve muscles from bouncing, a lot of bouncing.


The rest of the night was spent dancing like crazy child at the Olmeca Stage, how I survived it back to my tent at the end of Saturday is also another clueless one, at least I did not wake up in a ditch of mud. I felt like I had been hit by a bus when I woke up on Sunday morning, my throat hurt, my back hurt, my legs hurt and my head hurt. I believe I had survived and won my first Ramfest.

Chantal and I broke camp down as fast as we could so that we could get home to Jo’burg after we woke up and my lovely car decided not to start, it was a painful 40 minutes before it finally managed to start and I could head back home alone. The road was muddy, my head was pounding, I felt sick, I needed sleep, I needed food, I needed my bed. I was interested in absolutely no human interaction at all.

I WILL BE GOING TO RAMFEST NEXT YEAR. But first, this year, I need to get to Sowing the Seeds and to OppiKoppi, and this time I will know what the hell to pack and expect.

Ramfest 2014 – EPIC! Another bucket list tick!

Ramfest JHB 2014

True Happiness

There are many things that I have thought about blogging on the last few weeks but finding the time is just something else, during the week I don’t the chance because I either finish work late or I am at gym and by the time I get home I am just too tired and too lazy to bother. My weekends are spent having a blast, at some sort of sporting event, music concert/festival or floating around.

The first few months of 2014 have been amazing, that said there have also been a couple of challenging moments. Both on the personal and professional side.

People that know me well, and probably not even that well know that I am very bubbly and happy individual. It takes a lot to upset me or make me sad, I sometimes wonder if it’s even possible and even real that I am happy so much?! Yes I said it, and I know there will be a lot of *side eyed* glances at that because you cannot just be happy all the time. When I do get upset it usually doesn’t last very long, and I’ll tell you how I manage to get this right, because it’s no secret and it’s also not that difficult.

When I get angry, upset, sad, hurt or put into a position where I am in a negative frame of mind I make a very immediate and conscious decision to get over it, because why? Happiness.

Sometimes it’s not all that easy; my heart got a bit sore for a short while, it lasted for all of two weeks before I could get back to that happiness and sense of self security in myself again. After all, I am still human. I also need to start protecting my silly little romantic heart a bit better with my brain and strong exterior.

Occasionally I get pushed to an “almost breaking” point at work, but I always manage to pull myself towards myself when it comes to this part of my life, I have always been a very focused person when it comes to my career, and because of the industry I work in there is no compromise as to how you should treat people and the attitude you should have.

I love, furiously. There is no half hearted effort when it comes to this. And I recently discovered this part of myself; someone told me that it’s got to do with my “star sign”, being a Leo and all… I laugh, because I have no clue about that kind of thing. But if that be the case then I have a big lion heart and I will protect people I love 🙂

The best part of anything this year is that I continue to learn more about myself and I also realise that as I grow I am becoming a stronger individual.

So this article wasn’t really about true happiness, but I encounter a true happiness feeling for about 23 hours a day, the other hour is spent not thinking on a spinning bike or running so I can’t even tell you what I am feeling then, it is most likely happiness I am feeling anyway though 🙂

It’s nearly Ramfest time!

Okay so with Ramfest 2014 only 2 sleeps around the corner all I can say is that I am off-my-freaking-face-excited.



I am, however still waiting for my tent to arrive from the Transkei, still looking for a fully functional blow-up mattress (one that comes with a pomp), still yet to buy all the survival supplies that I need in order to make it through two days of camping and best of all I am still waiting for my ticket to be delivered! This is probably the most essential thing that I am currently missing.

So yes, Ramfest, totally ready for that with only 2 more days to go! Haha

The line-up is beyond pretty freaking epic, and instead of typing all that out, I (the over eager beaver that I am) made pretty little square size pictures with all the bands and artists that are playing.

Friday Line Up

Friday Line Up

Saturday Line Up

Saturday Line Up

This is going to be the first ever weekend camping music festival type thing that I have ever gone to, so yes I am excited. So. Freaking. Excited. It’s basically all I can talk about. The boss even gave me leave on Friday. She is cool, yes.

I have made lists, lists of things to pack, lists of things to remember, lists of the bands, lists of the times, lists for my lists. Lists FTW. Haha

If I actually make it through this weekend alive, and enjoy it, I may consider going to Sowing the Seeds and OppiKoppi this year!

It has been raining since last week Saturday, and I can picture this weekend being a very messy one!

Gosh darn, I wish my ticket and tent would finally arrive!

Self Respect

“When someone treats you like you’re just one of the many options, help them narrow their choice by removing yourself from the equation. Sometimes you have to try not to care, it doesn’t matter how much you do. Because sometimes you can mean almost nothing to someone who means so much to you. It’s not pride – it’s self respect.”

Self Respect

If I Won the British Lottery…

Earlier this year (January sometime) I was asked what would be the first thing I would do if I won the British lottery.

My answer was pretty easy, and I didn’t even need to think about it twice. I would buy a lodge or a resort for my folks along the coastline or anywhere in SA really of their choice. That would be the first thing. Why, because there is nothing more in the world that I would rather do than to give back to the two people that have done so much for me. So much love, support, advice and life, I owe them everything and this small thing would not even come close to showing how much love I have for them or how grateful I am to have them as my parents.

Now winning the British lottery is no small amount of cash, so what else would I do with it? Here are some of my other choices of what I would do with my winnings –

I would invest some of the money; this is probably the obvious one. But, only some, I can never understand why people just put all their money away and just sit there watch it growing; it is there to be spent.

Some of the money I would donate towards charity, and this sounds super cliché, but I do not care. And I know exactly who I would donate the money to. Something I love doing when I am buying myself groceries is buying an extra few items that are probably less than half a plastic bag and giving it to beggars at traffic lights. If I spend more than R70 on that small bag it’s a lot, if I won the lottery I would buy dozens of these bags and quite happily drive around the city handing them out. I would be in my element.

Then, I would go full on “selfish” and spend some money on myself. More specifically on travel, I would resign from my job and work my notice in, heck perhaps even buy some shares in the company I work for, and then I would head out to explore the world.

I would start my friends, in Asia. It’s no hidden secret that I fell in-love with Thailand when I was there in 2013 and I will definitely head back in that direction to start with, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia *sigh*, Myanmur, India, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, I would then head to the Middle East, Europe and then South America. By then the interest I would probably making from my investments could probably get me to North America! 😉

It is an everlasting dream of mine to just travel.

A girl can dream right?

My First Park Run

So I finally managed to get my butt up “early” enough on a Saturday to go and do a Delta Park Run! It was fun, running is always fun, even more so when there is a nice large group of people also doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love running along the roads alone as it gives me time to zone out and think about absolutely nothing while I am out there. But what is also really great about running with a group is that you are “motivated” to run faster and keep a better pace, I mean, who wants the guy that looks 40 km heavier than you to come cruising past you on the uphills or the skinny kid that looks half your age to sprint past you on the downhills. No me! 🙂

The Delta Park Run was great, well organised, and I will definitely do it again, soon. Here are my results – “You finished in 118th place and were the 15th lady out of a field of 511 parkrunners and you came 3rd in your age category.”

And for all I know there could have only been 3 people running in my age category yesterday, because most people that are 25 would probably have been lying in bed with a hangover from the night before.


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