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Time, there Isn’t Enough

Time, there is never enough of it. Except when you have nothing to do at work and it’s nowhere near 5pm! Or on a Friday and you’re planning on going away for a weekend, then it’s like all the time you were needing when you didn’t have enough of it just rocks up for an extra 5 hour visit “hiiii”!

Anyway time, it’s nearly my Birthday again, comes once a year that darn day. I love my Birthday, who doesn’t? Yes I’m getting older, well my body is, but I am still young. And I’m keeping my body young by eating healthy and working out. 26, this year. It’s an odd age, neither here nor there really.

So I’ve decided that there are a couple of things I want to do before my 26th Birthday rocks up on my door step on what will probably be a windy Sunday morning. 

I want to run a 5km or even a 10km if I’ll manage, it’s not exactly easy to stay healthy and fit in winter when it’s always so cold. I want to go watch more bands, why have I stopped doing this? Durbs, I’ve decided I have to tap that in July. I want to go swing off the Moses Mabida Stadium, I’ve wanted to do that for years  Not much time left to plan that. I’m doing the 20km “Walk the Talk” this year. Oppikoppi is happening before my Bday too. Eek! I also want to dapple in a little bit of Buddhism. Which probably sounds super strange but I feel like it would be something interesting to explore. 

Within the Next 12 Months

So in the next 12 months something I am really looking forward to is the trip that I am doing with my Mom in September, and we are going to be off to Bali! It came about quite quickly, the two of us were merely chatting about going overseas together sometime and some of the places we were considering were Prague, Italy, Turkey, Greece and of course Bali.

We decided to choose Bali because the culture and the more adventurous side (we have both obviously also watched “Eat, Pray, Love” – that movie kills me). I am so excited to go back to East side of the world again, I absolutely loved Thailand when I went last year and always talk about that trip. Indonesia is one of my favourite places anywhere in the world, I haven’t travelled anywhere except to Thailand but based on the pictures I have seen and the articles I have read I am totally in-love with those parts of our beautiful continent.

I can’t wait to explore temples, rice paddies and the beaches with my Mom. I am looking forward to experiencing the Balinese culture, foods, dancing etc. and of course the shopping! 🙂

Uluwatu Monkey Temple, Bali

Uluwatu Monkey Temple, Bali

There are a lot of things that are coming up that I cannot wait for in the next 12 months but this is definitely my highlight for now!

I also get to see my parents in two weeks’ time as I am going for my annual winter long weekend away with them, and we are going to the coast this year.

Driving in the Fast Lane

Last week Friday I decided to take a last minute trip to Mpumalanga to visit the family. It’s about a +- 160km drive to get there, so not too bad. Driving at night is a bit sketchy though, because there are a lot of coal trucks once you hit the back roads around the mines. But bearable, if you don’t drive like a fool and just stay alert and pass when it is safe to do so.

Driving there and back this weekend I couldn’t help but notice how badly people drive though. The pressure one gets to move out of the “fast” lane is ridiculous, even when you too are also trying to pass a car that is driving “slowly” in the “slow” lane. The speed limit is 120km/hr on our roads, but I can certainly tell you that people do not stick to this, which I can sort of understand. I think driving any faster is just plain ridiculous though, especially if you’re looking at petrol consumption and actually just planning to stay alive. I’d even go to say that 130km/hr is the limit for me.

But not this past weekend, there were times where I was pushing/pushed to drive at 140km/hr just to either pass a bunch of cars or to keep up in the fast lane to pass these cars. The result of not driving at a similar pace to those around me would end in me being stuck behind trucks or smaller old vehicles and then not being able to get back to my 120km/hr pace again.

When one eventually does get to the fast lane to pass said trucks and slow vehicles at the legal 120km/hr you then proceed to get some d*ck head driving up your ass at 140/160km/hr trying to force you to move over before you have even managed to pass by a safe distance.

Hey asshole drivers, if this is you… kindly stop. The rest of us would like to arrive safely at our destinations and also not put others at risk by making stupid decisions on the roads.

Gotta Get Fit

Haven’t blogged in ages, haven’t had an off day in ages (17 days and counting… the life of a career girl) haven’t been to the gym or running in ages…!

As of today I have been working for 17 days straight, whilst I am not physically exhausted, I am starting to get mentally tired, irritable and also annoyed about the fact that I have not been to gym in ages nor eating very healthy.

My biggest, and most terrifying fear is being overweight. There is nothing that scares me more than the thought of picking up weight and losing all the hard work that I have put into maintaining my fitness and body weight. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that I am not fat, but I also know what my best is, and I am currently not at my level best.

This month I have been eating a lot of junk, I have in the last couple of months been drinking more alcohol than what I should be (no one forced me to drink of course), and I have also been eating a lot of bread… I do not even like bread. But when you are working from 6 30am – 6 30pm every day, what other option do you have?

As of the 1st May I have decided that I need to get my ass into gear, and it’s going to be tough, mostly because of the cold and darkness that has arrived with the treacherous Winter season. But I am going to gym or run, daily. I will be eating healthy and I will also stop drinking alcohol again.

My goal… to get fit again and also to look great before my Birthday & the wedding that I am attending in August (anyone know of a hot date thay can accompany me?) and of course my holiday in BALI, I have got to look super hot for that!!! 🙂

And I am cycling the 94.7 with my Dad again this year! Have to be super fit for that one.

Ramfest 2014

A week ago at this time I was busy packing up to leave Ramfest 2014; Ramfest, where do I begin? It was beyond anything I had ever imagined it would be. My mind was blown, repeatedly.

I finally got my ticket on Thursday afternoon and then went to fetch the rest of the camping stuff that I needed from my mate on Friday morning.

And then the road trip out to Witfontein began, might I add that I did not realise how “far” it was…!

Road Trippin'

We arrived at the site and before anything else could begin I opened up an ice cold Savanna… and then another, and then another. Thank goodness for the men that were willing to put my tent up (had I needed to do it myself however, I would have) but I didn’t 😉

Angie and I did a little exploring of the surroundings took place so that we could know where everything was before we got too tipsy and we were set!

Vuvuvultures were awesome, totally loved their vibe! Gangs of Ballet, always been a fave. Practically broke my neck head banging to Facing the Gallows, and look I do not really listen to Heavy Metal at all, but I absolutely love listening to these guys, their stage presence is something else. From this point on everything went South, in other words I was having the time of my life.


Losing our minds to Facing the Gallows (image credit to Tyrone Beynon)

Losing our minds to Facing the Gallows (image credit to Tyrone Beynon)

I loved what I can remember of Foals and Biffy Clyro… yes, what I can remember. What I did in between Foals and Biffy, I have no idea, I presume I floated around like a festival gypsy. I am pretty sure I swayed about listening to Prototype and Heazer at the Olmeca Stage before I then decided to send myself back to my tent. How I managed to find my tent is beyond me, but I woke up in it the next day.

Waking up on Saturday morning was hilarious, partly because I was still drunk. I missioned with Wes to go find the toilets and to go buy much needed coffee from one of the stalls, which was rather unsuccessful, but some friendly (clearly seasoned) festival campers saw us and offered us some coffee on the way past, I obviously looked like I needed the coffee in my leopard print PJ shorts! haha.

After eventually finding food I then decided it was time to sleep again, which was perfect because it started to rain and I was feeling like the dogs breakfast.

When I resurfaced out my tent I was ready for round two, and my mate Chantal had also arrived from Jozi so I had another partner in crime.

We went to the stages to go listen to the bands that were playing, Man As Machine were cool, heard them before, not the hugest fan. Loved Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop, Newtown Knife were good, did a little bit of that festival gypsy nonsense and THEN SHORTSTRAW. I can lose my freaking mind when I listen to them, in fact I did lose my mind. I am a proper groupie for them. I heard Pestroy from a distance, it was their last show for a while.


It was at this point on Saturday that sh*t really did go South and I floated from one stage to the next, pouring one drink after another into my cup. Trivium, Fuzigish and Killswitch Engage were disgustingly awesome. I blame them for having a seriously swollen throat on Sunday morning from screaming and singing, and for stiff calve muscles from bouncing, a lot of bouncing.


The rest of the night was spent dancing like crazy child at the Olmeca Stage, how I survived it back to my tent at the end of Saturday is also another clueless one, at least I did not wake up in a ditch of mud. I felt like I had been hit by a bus when I woke up on Sunday morning, my throat hurt, my back hurt, my legs hurt and my head hurt. I believe I had survived and won my first Ramfest.

Chantal and I broke camp down as fast as we could so that we could get home to Jo’burg after we woke up and my lovely car decided not to start, it was a painful 40 minutes before it finally managed to start and I could head back home alone. The road was muddy, my head was pounding, I felt sick, I needed sleep, I needed food, I needed my bed. I was interested in absolutely no human interaction at all.

I WILL BE GOING TO RAMFEST NEXT YEAR. But first, this year, I need to get to Sowing the Seeds and to OppiKoppi, and this time I will know what the hell to pack and expect.

Ramfest 2014 – EPIC! Another bucket list tick!

Ramfest JHB 2014

If I Won the British Lottery…

Earlier this year (January sometime) I was asked what would be the first thing I would do if I won the British lottery.

My answer was pretty easy, and I didn’t even need to think about it twice. I would buy a lodge or a resort for my folks along the coastline or anywhere in SA really of their choice. That would be the first thing. Why, because there is nothing more in the world that I would rather do than to give back to the two people that have done so much for me. So much love, support, advice and life, I owe them everything and this small thing would not even come close to showing how much love I have for them or how grateful I am to have them as my parents.

Now winning the British lottery is no small amount of cash, so what else would I do with it? Here are some of my other choices of what I would do with my winnings –

I would invest some of the money; this is probably the obvious one. But, only some, I can never understand why people just put all their money away and just sit there watch it growing; it is there to be spent.

Some of the money I would donate towards charity, and this sounds super cliché, but I do not care. And I know exactly who I would donate the money to. Something I love doing when I am buying myself groceries is buying an extra few items that are probably less than half a plastic bag and giving it to beggars at traffic lights. If I spend more than R70 on that small bag it’s a lot, if I won the lottery I would buy dozens of these bags and quite happily drive around the city handing them out. I would be in my element.

Then, I would go full on “selfish” and spend some money on myself. More specifically on travel, I would resign from my job and work my notice in, heck perhaps even buy some shares in the company I work for, and then I would head out to explore the world.

I would start my friends, in Asia. It’s no hidden secret that I fell in-love with Thailand when I was there in 2013 and I will definitely head back in that direction to start with, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia *sigh*, Myanmur, India, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, I would then head to the Middle East, Europe and then South America. By then the interest I would probably making from my investments could probably get me to North America! 😉

It is an everlasting dream of mine to just travel.

A girl can dream right?

Year 2 0 1 4

Just what exactly should I be blogging about today? Do I go on about the New Year’s party that I didn’t really enjoy, do I go on about the fact that it scares me how many people take drugs or that I cannot believe how many smokers there are out there at the moment? Or perhaps I should do an article on the New Year resolutions that I will probably forget about in a week’s time?

All these things are on my mind, but today I am going to give them a skip.

I am so looking forward to the year that lies ahead, I want to go to more live gigs and shows. Hiking, I need more of this in my life and 2014 is the year I am going to make it happen. Also kissing, but not just kissing anyone. It needs to be someone that makes my tummy go crazy and my toes curl.

And running, in 2012 I bought myself new running shoes and I said that I was going to regularly run 10km races. I did one in 2013 (Warrior Races not included). So I’ll try do more of that this year. Problem is though, I went online just now to look at the upcoming races and they are all so freaking far away…! There is no chance you are going to catch me driving to Benoni, Kempton Park or the likes thereof to run a race that is most likely starting at 6am, or at 6pm in fact! I’ll stick to my area for now and just find new streets to run along, it’s so pretty as it is anyway.

2013 has possibly been one of the best years I have ever had, or it has been the year where some of the best things happened to me all in one year (does it sound like I am on Cloud 9 when I talk like this?)

I have been going online day after day for the last week now, just looking for my next travel destination. I am struggling to decide, I mean where do you go when you want to go everywhere? Also when you need to save to go there first!

Another “problem” is that I want to go somewhere where I can go lie on a beach in my bikini sipping cocktails as well.  Maybe I should plan two trips this year and just make both shorter?

This is the list so far –

Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Étretat & Paris (France), Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Amsterdam, Istanbul/Turkey, Zanzibar…

I also have that crazy bucket list of mine that need to try get through this year, you remember right? That long list of 100 things that I need to do, which also reminds me… I need to change it a bit as I know there are a few things on there that have changed a bit.

This is also the year that I need to spend $$ wisely (whilst having the time of my life at the same time of course).

Looking back at 2013 I have no idea where I managed to find the time to do everything that I did, especially the last few months of the year.

New Year’s resolution? I honestly do not have one, every morning when I wake up I make tiny and sometimes big promises to myself, whether it be to be a nicer person, give a homeless person food, smile at a stranger, save a little more money, buy that pair of shoes that I have been looking at, plan my next trip. My Mom always taught me that you should try without losing who you are in it all to be a better person and improve your way of living without negatively affecting the people around you. Don’t wait once a year to make yourself promises, start every day when you wake up (unless you wake up with someone next to you of course, because by all means, you then need to start your day off with a kiss) 😉


2013 “in the bag”

2013, another year that is basically “in the bag”! I cannot believe how quickly times flies (I typed away while sitting on a flight to Mthatha) it feels like just yesterday I was flying home to my parents for my December break and just the other day I was taking off to Thailand, my first ever experience of going overseas.

This year has been absolutely great, so very fulfilling! To sum it up quickly, I have travelled (both overseas and within South Africa), I have met some truly amazing people, also regrettably lost a couple of friendships along the way, and a few have been strengthened. I am healthy, my family and friends are healthy. There have been some unforgettable moments that have occurred during 2013 and of course I was promoted in the beginning of November.

The not so short version of the year gone by…

I’ve been on some hilarious as all hell dates this year, jeez have I got stories! There are some freaky people out there, we live and we learn. 😉

I’ve previously blogged about the first 8 or so months of the year but I’m going to do a quick recap, in no specific order.

This year, I went to Thailand. And let me tell you, even though it was my first time going overseas and this opinion is clearly biased, that place is amazing. It captured my soul and every sense of my very being. It will always be special to me and I hope to go back again one day.

I have ALWAYS had a desire for all genres and types of music, people that went to school with me can vouch for me on that one. But it has always been personal “hobby” and never a career direction for me. During the course of the year I was absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to discovering new artists and music that I never knew existed. I found old music on my laptop that I hadn’t heard in years that I fell in-love with again. And biggest and best of all were the moments that I got to listen to music live, local, international, front row, back row, seated, jumping, running, attending on rooftops, at stadiums, in town and more!

Rihanna was a disappointment but I still love her music, and the fact that I shared that experience with my best friend Linelle made it even more special for me, there is none other like her (especially in that she stays my friend after all the crazy shit I tell her). Red Hot Chili Peppers!!! Oh my gawsh, I have loved them since I moved to SA (not sure why I wasn’t a fan in Zim… probably because I was too busy climbing trees), the Peppers concert was excellent. I bought my GC ticket on the day at the stadium and it was well worth it! Dave Matthews was ok, I didn’t know enough of their music to enjoy it as much as the other groupies, but let me tell you, when he sang “Crash Into Me” I could have melted right through the spot on the floor that I was standing on.

Altj deserve their very own paragraph. Because HOT DAMN. Matilda, Something Good… *sigh* they were amazing. The “In The City” concert this year was “the business”, I had the pleasure of being there with Chantal another friend that I have grown very close to over the last 6 months whom I met through squash.

Squash… I also rekindled my relationship with that bad bay this year! My knees hate me all the more for it.

This year, I fell even more in love with local music. South Africa, you’ve got talent. I could try name all of the bands I’ve seen but I’d be sure to miss one or two out, they ranged from Shortstraw, ISO, Michael Lowman, Desmond & the Tutus, Dan Platlansky, some dude with BOOM in his name, yeah I listened to an Afrikaans gig at an MK session, I watched Fokofpolisiekar at the Barnyard Theatre and let me tell you, if you ever thought you had seen the best when it comes to stage presence, you haven’t, you should make a plan to see these guys when they are next in your area! I went to watch Goodluck’s documentary that they made doing their album through Namibia, just wow. Their new album is one of my favourites for 2013. I also saw Goodluck perform on top of one of Jozi’s buildings that has one of the best views of the city – Randlords. I’ve seen Newton 2nd Law, who are rad! I went to the Fuzigish album launch in town, gone crazy for Facing the Gallows like a proper groupie. The Plastics were pretty cool, I saw them at a Halloween party that I went to, not sure why I do not have their album. Must. Get.

I just cannot include everyone. There is just so much, and if I think back on every moment at each concert, every gig and live session, I can confirm that I was having the time of my life. And given the chance to see all of them live again, I’ll be there, front row, back row, seated, jumping, running, attending on rooftops, at stadiums, in town and more!

In November I stopped drinking for the beginning of the month as I was cycling the 94.7 with my Dad again this year. Need to try this again (the drinking thing); it requires such strong willpower to do.

I started a new job in the beginning of November, which has proven to be very exciting and as challenging as I had hoped it to be. This is something that I am looking forward to continuing in 2014 and look forward to giving it my all. There is nothing else that I would choose to be doing when it comes to my work and what I love about my current position is that every day is different.

And last but not least of all, probably most precious of anything that has happened in 2013 over all, my relationship with my parents has just grown from strength to strength and they are definitely two of the most important people and role models in my life, without them I would not be who I have become today.

2014, may it be just as wonderful as this past year has been and may I be able to save enough to visit a few more countries overseas and to cross more items off my very long bucket list!

To all my family and friends, wishing you all the blessings that you deserve, be safe and be healthy.


It Has Been A Great Year So Far!

It has been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog, which is sad because I absolutely love typing a bunch of words and sharing what is going on in my head. I have thought about many things to blog about but it’s like I never have the time anymore, or like I just can’t get what I want to say out.

Usually I share what has happened during the course of my year more towards the end of it, but I haven’t really posted much so I have decided to start now, better than late than never, right?

Nothing really exciting happened in January, I got back from my annual holiday from Umngazi and pretty much got stuck in my work. With only a couple of months to count down towards my Thailand holiday there wasn’t much on my mind, other than that.

February was another busy work month, it’s always one of the busiest times of the year for work. I remember at one stage I used to be busy with only work all the time, I never really had time for anything or anyone. Terrible. I also went to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert in Feb, which was a total blast. It was a spur of the moment decision to go, and although I paid R950.00 from my Thailand pocket money savings for the ticket it was totally worth it! The equivalent of a lady boyand a ping pong show! “dammit” 😉 haha

Squash league started in March, I won my first match, little did I know I would lose every single other one until the very last game! I proudly submitted my 3rd ever rooms budget in March, and I say proudly because what I produce especially when it comes to those figures is a total work of art. I love my work and I love watching how something like that comes together.  On the 23rd March at approximately 13:40 my plane lifted off headed towards Bangkok. No words can even come close to explaining how excited I was, I was going to a foreign country, on my own for 2 whole weeks. And it was absolutely amazing, it changed me forever, read more about that here – Thailand & Contiki Thai Hopper West Tour 2013.

On the 6th April I landed back in SA, I remember walking through the International arrivals towards my parents feeling like a completely different person, it was official. The travel bug had definitely bitten me. Over the course of that weekend while my parents were visiting I moved into my new, bigger garden cottage. Absolutely love it. Attended an awesome 3 day assistant managers conference with fellow managers in my company, threw pies at people, as one does. I started getting quite involved with various Community projects through work as the CSI committee head, which has a massive impact on me personally.

May pretty average as far as anything was concerned, although a highlight was probably going on the Jozi Red Bus Tour with my bestest, Linelle. I remember looking at myself in the mirror at work one day and deciding that I need to really do something about my skin condition on my face and immediately made an appointment to see a specialist at Skin Renewal, I have been going to one chemical peel and mircoderm abrasion facial every month since and can definitely say that I am finally starting to see an improvement. I was feeling extremely restless in May. All I remember is that I became restless at work, I wanted to move to the UK, I wanted to change jobs, I wanted to move away, change careers, I stopped going to gym and being fit and healthy. Eventually I applied for a different job in my company, which I did not get, in hindsight I am glad that I didn’t because I realise the job was not for me and I would have been equally as unhappy as I was.

On the 11th May I did my first Warrior Race, and on the 12th May, I did my second Warrior Race, yes clearly I was crazy at the time, I loved it! Luckily I was still quite fit so I did not kill myself. I went to watch Prime Circle Unplugged session live at The Venue in Melrose on the 20th,  they were amazing! Perhaps May wasn’t quite average after all?

June, hmmm.. went to watch another band live, The Parlotones Unplugged session at The Venue, also enjoyed them, but their opening band was ISO, whom I absolutely adore! The 12th of June 2013 will forever be one of the most heartbreaking days of my life, I have never had to deal with “tradegy” or with death, my dearest love of my life Charlie Chaplin passed after being on oxygen for 2 hours in the early hours of the morning. I sobbed for hours until I eventually passed out. Lately, I have been really teary and missing him again. There is nothing that I could say that could explain how precious he was to me, I always tell people that CharlieC was my saving grace during an extremely dark time in my life in 2011, he saved me and was my company helping me come out of that place. He is and will always be dearly missed in my life. I was “lucky” enough to have taken that long weekend off in June to go away with my parents to the Midlands, which was so much fun. I loved spending the weekend with them, the Midlands is quite pretty, a bit overrated but also beautiful at the same time. I showered in an outside shower overlooking the grass paddocks in the freezing cold and climbed to the top of trees hanging upside down and feeling like a kid again. My Mom & I did a tree top canopy tour which was on my bucket list, it was great fun! On the 22nd June I did another Warrior Race, which wasn’t as fun as I was not fit and I felt I was letting my team down.

Monkey Girl

I went to my first night market in Maboneng in July, it was fun. Glad I did it. Nothing to write home about… Had the privilege of attending the Starlight Express SA show at the Jo’burg Theatre. Great production! I also finally went to visit my Ouma in Mpumalanga after not seeing her for almost a year, I am a terrible Grandchild, really. I should make more effort, she is precious to me. That weekend my cousin also taught me how to ride an off road motorbike, another bucket list tick! On the 18th July for Mandela Day I cycled for 67 minutes for R67 for a good cause, waking up easn’t easy and I did not have much of a personality for the rest of the day.

August, BIRTHDAY month!! It was great, but only because I spent an entire week away in the Kruger Park with my amazing parents and then had a great dinner with them and my bestest and her hubby to celebrate my Birthday. Got to go up to Randlords for some music event and heard Newton 2nd Law and others live, SA music is the best! I finally cycled my first Critical Mass ride on the 30th August, it was an absolute blast! Will totally do it again. Pinkie Fest was so awesome again this year, it was on the 31st and there was some great musicians and DJs playing there. The people that I partied with were awesome.

After a bloody mad last week of August I started September off with a bang at the Zwartkops annual round table charity bed race, such a blast, I designed the bed this year, it was a milkshake and burger diner car. And I got to wear a bright pink tutu! I also applied for two jobs which I was interviewed for, hopefully will be hearing about what is going on there within the next 48 hours. Holding thumbs for the outcome. It will not be easy either way, but change is needed and I am ready for it. This past weekend I went to a braai hosted at one of my new squash friend’s house and it was such a jol, I learnt how to play Petanique, Google it. It is so much fun. After an entire day of drinking I then decided it would be a bright idea to carry on partying and then proceeded to go out again to Acoustic Cafe in Randburg with some mates. Let’s just say that I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking, so I felt really sorry for myself on Sunday morning.

It has been an awesome year so far, my number one goal for myself is to get fit again, stop drinking and start eating healthy. The next Warrior Race is up in October and then 94.7 cycle challenge is around the corner. I also need to throw in a few 10km running races in there somewhere.

The next date that I am looking forward to is this coming Saturday which is my best friend, Linelle’s Birthday. Which also reminds me, Happy Birthday for today my friend. You are an amazing person and I am really lucky you have you in my life. We may not see each other every day but you are still one of the best people to come into my life in the last year. Thank you for everything!

My Bucket List…

Here is my bucket list with 100 things that I want to do before I die, it is in no particular order, some have been ticked off already! !

  1. Learn 5 words in 10 different foreign languages.
  2. Attempt to surf – particularly do the surf tour along the Wild Coast through Stoked Surf School.
  3. Give a public speach.
  4. Run a marathon.
  5. Cycle the 94.7 cycle challenge 5 times.
  6. Hot air ballooning.
  7. Learn how to ride a motorcycle.
  8. Go on a candlelit dinner date on the roof of a building in Johannesburg.
  9. Scuba dive.
  10. Bungee jump.
  11. Do a tree top canopy tour.
  12. Go back to Thailand and the East for another Holiday.
  13. Have my own business.
  14. Fish, cook and eat my own catch.
  15. Have a pet.
  16. Watch the top 10 movies of all time.
  17. Start rock climbing/abseiling.
  18. Rap jumping down a building.
  19. Dive into water from a cliff.
  20. Learn how to sail.
  21. Paint and frame my own painting.
  22. Help a stranger in distress.
  23. Make a snow angel in the snow.
  24. Hike the Otter Trail.
  25. Read the top 5 novels of all time.
  26. Read all of Jane Austen’s novels.
  27. White water raft down the Orange River.
  28. Do the Put Foot Rally.
  29. Sleep under the stars in a foreign country.
  30. Make a fool of myself and laugh about it afterwards.
  31. Drive across an entire country.
  32. Learn how to play a musical instrument.
  33. Drink beer at the Oktoberfest.
  34. Brew my own beer.
  35. Go to New York.
  36. Go to the Superbowl.
  37. Go to the Olympics (Summer or Winter).
  38. Go to 5 different World festivals.
  39. Plant a tree.
  40. Learn how to Salsa dance.
  41. Ride a camel in the desert.
  42. Have my own children.
  43. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  44. Go to the Opera.
  45. Cross a country using public transport.
  46. Party until sunrise.
  47. Milk a cow.
  48. Fall in-love.
  49. Backpack along the Wild Coast in SA.
  50. Backpack through another country.
  51. Learn how to Ski.
  52. Go skiing in Austria.
  53. Sneak into a movie at the theatre.
  54. Trek to Machu Pichu.
  55. See the Iguazu Falls.
  56. Visit Angkor Wat.
  57. Dance at the Carnival in Rio.
  58. Go to a drive in movie theatre.
  59. Ride a Gondola in Venice.
  60. Go to Paris.
  61. See and pose for a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  62. Travel at least once by train.
  63. Float in the Dead Sea.
  64. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).
  65. Get married.
  66. Travel to Vietnam (Ha Long Bay).
  67. Visit the Taj Mahal in India.
  68. Live in a Eurpoean Country.
  69. Travel to Turkey/Istanbul.
  70. Arrive at an Airport without a plan and book a flight to a foreign country.
  71. Eat pasta in Italy.
  72. Bungee jump off of the Storms River bridge along the Wild Coast.
  73. Feed a homeless person.
  74. Read an Afrikaans novel.
  75. Own my own property.
  76. Do volunteer work.
  77. Teach someone how to write their own name.
  78. Travel to at least 25.
  79. Bury a time capsule.
  80. Cycle the Cape Argus.
  81. Register as an organ donor.
  82. Stand in the mist/shower of a waterfall.
  83. See the Mona Lisa at the Lourve.
  84. Go to the OppiKoppi music festival.
  85. Go to AfrikaBurn.
  86. Donate blood.
  87. Travel to Greece.
  88. See Stonehenge.
  89. Cruise on the Amazon River.
  90. Do an advanced drivers course.
  91. Drive in an Aston Martin.
  92. Build a Snowman.
  93. Spend Christmas in a Snowy place.
  94. Go to Sun City.
  95. Go for a Picnic.
  96. Own an original piece of art work.
  97. Adopt a pet from an animal shelter.
  98. Ride a jet-ski.
  99. Walk with lions.
  100. Feel like the happiest person on Earth.

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