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I love life and everything to do with it. I’m addicted to trying new things, travelling, wine, gardening and movies. Family is very important to me and the friendships I have made are worth pure love and gold. Lover of watching movies at the cinema, and eating out at different restaurants.

Passionate about relationships and meeting new people. Not lonely but alone living the independent life in the fast city known as Jozi.

Very adventurous and spontaneous personality, I am a thrill seeing individual and an adrenalin junkie.

Best feeling everrrrrrr!

Total fitness bunny of note (I’m on the long never ending road of getting/maintaining #kisskissthighs)!

Gap Thighs! Nuh uh!

Coffee… it’s amazing, and I don’t mean just any coffee… it needs to be filter – instant just does NOT cut it, ever! I am actually to an extent a coffee snob…!

Only the best!

Only the best!

Can often be found in my garden tanning, gardening or in my home with all music imaginable playing loudly in the background. Convinced that I must have been a DJ in my previous lifetime; all music just excites me, and I have the time to listen and discover it all.

Not a big drinker, but I also do enjoy a good craft beer or bottle of wine from time to time. Don’t get me started on Tequila, no really… don’t.

Am I rambling? I think I’m rambling… Read and enjoy 🙂

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Such a pity the #RFP season has ended already, next year maybe then 😛

  2. I have bookmarked your site. Each day I send a new kiss by pasting a picture from your Web page to a lady that I am courting in China. Thank you for all those great pictures. If it does not work out with her, who knows, maybe we can make some of our own kissing photos together ;).

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