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Time, there Isn’t Enough

Time, there is never enough of it. Except when you have nothing to do at work and it’s nowhere near 5pm! Or on a Friday and you’re planning on going away for a weekend, then it’s like all the time you were needing when you didn’t have enough of it just rocks up for an extra 5 hour visit “hiiii”!

Anyway time, it’s nearly my Birthday again, comes once a year that darn day. I love my Birthday, who doesn’t? Yes I’m getting older, well my body is, but I am still young. And I’m keeping my body young by eating healthy and working out. 26, this year. It’s an odd age, neither here nor there really.

So I’ve decided that there are a couple of things I want to do before my 26th Birthday rocks up on my door step on what will probably be a windy Sunday morning. 

I want to run a 5km or even a 10km if I’ll manage, it’s not exactly easy to stay healthy and fit in winter when it’s always so cold. I want to go watch more bands, why have I stopped doing this? Durbs, I’ve decided I have to tap that in July. I want to go swing off the Moses Mabida Stadium, I’ve wanted to do that for years  Not much time left to plan that. I’m doing the 20km “Walk the Talk” this year. Oppikoppi is happening before my Bday too. Eek! I also want to dapple in a little bit of Buddhism. Which probably sounds super strange but I feel like it would be something interesting to explore. 

World Cup, feel it. It was here.

It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating and hosting the world cup in South Africa. I remember working my ass off at the Hotel we had just opened in Johannesburg. We had barely been open for 3 months and were already fully booked for the entire World Cup period. I was a 3rd year trainee in 2010 but was given a lot of responsibility, especially in systems (booking system for reservations) I had blocked off basically every group booking for World Cup in the hotel, and for the World Cup period the group I was put in charge of was the US Soccer Family. VI-freaking-P! 

Is was awesome to be given so much responsibility and trust. They had booked over 100 rooms on some nights. “do you have some of those triangular things?” – inside joke this. 

Some of us at the hotel were even lucky enough to be given tickets to go watch the game they played against Slovenia. Too awesome, those Vuvuzelas though… My lips were raw! Luckily I had ice cold Budweiser to drink!

Remember how freezing it was during the World Cup? Damn. No one cared though, people were everywhere! I can even remember the Mexican supporters and the actual Mexicans, gosh darn they were the BEST! And the loudest, those hats though… Hahaha

The atmosphere during World Cup was really something else, you could not help but feel connected to everyone. I even watched games, I don’t watch footie. But I did during World Cup!

Now 4 years on and the World Cup is back on again, in Brazil, and I’m listening to a CD that I downloaded on iTunes for work called “Brazil World Cup Football Party Anthems” it’s corny and has some really rad tunes. The tunes just make you want to shake your booty and to support the footie. For real. I find myself wanting to know what’s happening in the World Cup and to follow the teams. 

I am following these teams this year, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire , Algeria (basically all African countries, but mainly routing for Ghana) and then Brazil and Iran. 

Iran I’m following because for almost 3 weeks in April this year I hosted the team at the hotel I work at for one of their training camps. And I worked like it was World Cup again. Even made their beds! Best believe. Go boys!! 

World Cup, feel it. It was here and now it’s in Brazil, la la la la Laaaaaa!

“Like a complete fool”

I love this, can’t quite remember where I found it a few months ago but I think it is super cute.

“I hope that I am your reason to smile, even if it means I’d have to act like a complete fool. I wish to be the one by your side when you’re sad, the one who cares for you when the whole world seems to be crumble around you.

I wish to be the one whom you’d create new memories with. I want to be the one next to you when the sunrise comes and the last one to kiss on the forehead before you go to sleep. To watch silly movies and laugh like the world is ours.”

Life Lately

Woke up at 3h30 this morning, that’s damn early. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m not a morning person, once I actually manage to get up and dressed I can be quite bubbly. I’m that person in the queue at the airport at 5h30 greeting everyone I have to interact with and asking how they are. Whilst everyone stares at me like I’m nuts. 

I’m on my way to East London to visit my folks, so excited because I haven’t seen them since December. Way too long ago as far as I’m concerned. Just a short trip though, it’s the annual “long weekend” trip. 
I have been looking forward to this weekend for a very long time, the break away from Joburg and work is really welcoming. I’m mentally tired. Also I have a cold so it’ll be good for my body to actually rest. I hate getting sick, it’s the pits. 

Work this last week has been so amazing, I haven’t felt this alive in ages. It’s exciting again, it’s challenging and I’m already looking forward to how much I am going to learn from the new boss. 

For the last couple of years I’ve been in this whole “balance” phase which is amazing! I mean to be able to balance work, fitness, family, friends, traveling and partying and actually get it right is a big thing. 

Balance is great BUT for the first time in absolute ages I am willing to let a few of those things take a little bit of the back seat, they’re going to get a smaller piece of the balancing cake. My career is about to boom again, I can just freaking feel it. And that’s going to take a big piece again. All those other things are still important to me though, I’m not going to go backwards, because that’s just silly. 

I won’t mind working the longer hours and taking on more stressful projects again, I live for that shit. As long as I can make it to spinning every other odd day, I’ll be ok. We all have to have some form of release. Fitness & gym is definitely my release. 

I’ve seriously gotten over drinking, not that I drank a lot before. But I don’t enjoy it that much anymore, and I don’t like how it makes my body feel afterwards. Gross. 

As for me being single, I don’t mind it at all. The emotional pain that comes with being with the wrong person can be so detrimental to a persons life and state of mind sometimes. I’ve been hurt by getting my hopes up way too many times over the last 4 years. There’s someone who I’m enjoying at the moment, whatever it is it’s chilled and I haven’t laughed and been able to be my “silly” self in ages. It’s actually just so nice to chat to someone that can appreciate that I’m a little nuts sometimes. 

August is looming around and I’m starting to freak out about how much I already have planned for the month already. Eek. Oppikoppi is from the 7th – 10th, got my tickets, don’t have signed off leave. Eff. Birthday is on the 17th, thank goodness it’s a Sunday! I don’t even know what I’m doing this year. Ant & Irene’s wedding is on the 22nd, it’s a Friday. I don’t have signed off leave, a dress or someone to go with. Bigger eff. Hahaha. We shall cross this bridge when we get there!

I’m so excited about the trip in September to Bali with my Mom. It’s going to be an absolutely amazing experience. She’s my everything. 

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