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All a girl really wants…

So my # 1 pet hate in the “dating” world at the moment is being treated like a piece off “ass”.

Girl meets guy. Guy just wants action off the bat. All a girl really wants is for someone to stroke her hair and tell her she is pretty, perhaps a few flirty kisses or two.

I am old school, or at least I used to be. And I blame this on the category of guys that I have been subjecting myself to over the last year or two. It has programmed me into thinking unless I give guys action they’re not going to like me. It’s has to stop.

Gone are the days that I allow anyone to treat me like a booty call or like anything less than I deserve. I used to be this “doe eyed girl” (although I have blue eyes & not brown), I digress; I never really used to utter any swear words, I despised kissing people that smoke, I wouldn’t previously go anywhere near anyone that did any form of drugs let alone even smoked weed, I have never really been a fan of tattoos (this is a personal choice and preference). I would date guys for months before anything more than kissing happened. Sure, this all sounds prudish. I don’t care, I had standards and I still do but somewhere along the line I started compromising some of these and allowing myself to dip. Me; personally.

What happened to how things that happened back in the day; where you’d go on proper innocent dates, flirt a little and maybe end the evening with a steamy kiss that left you wanting more?

I want to go for walks in the park, holding hands and frolicking, and most of all laughing.

I want to go to the movies and to order popcorn and a slush puppie.

I want to go on dinner dates and to drink a glass of red wine and just be flirtatious, it doesn’t have to go anywhere else.

I want to go to a waffle house and eat a waffle topped with ice-cream and syrup. This is one is a biggie for me, I haven’t had a waffle in years.

I want to meet your friends and family and it must be genuine and not just a case of look at my “hot piece of ass”.

I want to be able to ask you to sleep over for the night and not worry about how much of my clothes I have to take off in order for you to actually want to stay over for the night.

And most of all I just want to be told that I am pretty on the inside and the outside. Not hot or that I have a nice ass and sexy legs.

You know what used to be one of my absolute favourite things in life, a first kiss. I used to love how awkwardly sexy it was and the anticipation it would bring to every sense in my being.

Loved reading this article on Elite Daily the other day as it says a lot – “8 Modern Dating Struggles That No Other Generation Has Had To Deal With”

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