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Driving in the Fast Lane

Last week Friday I decided to take a last minute trip to Mpumalanga to visit the family. It’s about a +- 160km drive to get there, so not too bad. Driving at night is a bit sketchy though, because there are a lot of coal trucks once you hit the back roads around the mines. But bearable, if you don’t drive like a fool and just stay alert and pass when it is safe to do so.

Driving there and back this weekend I couldn’t help but notice how badly people drive though. The pressure one gets to move out of the “fast” lane is ridiculous, even when you too are also trying to pass a car that is driving “slowly” in the “slow” lane. The speed limit is 120km/hr on our roads, but I can certainly tell you that people do not stick to this, which I can sort of understand. I think driving any faster is just plain ridiculous though, especially if you’re looking at petrol consumption and actually just planning to stay alive. I’d even go to say that 130km/hr is the limit for me.

But not this past weekend, there were times where I was pushing/pushed to drive at 140km/hr just to either pass a bunch of cars or to keep up in the fast lane to pass these cars. The result of not driving at a similar pace to those around me would end in me being stuck behind trucks or smaller old vehicles and then not being able to get back to my 120km/hr pace again.

When one eventually does get to the fast lane to pass said trucks and slow vehicles at the legal 120km/hr you then proceed to get some d*ck head driving up your ass at 140/160km/hr trying to force you to move over before you have even managed to pass by a safe distance.

Hey asshole drivers, if this is you… kindly stop. The rest of us would like to arrive safely at our destinations and also not put others at risk by making stupid decisions on the roads.

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