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My First Park Run

So I finally managed to get my butt up “early” enough on a Saturday to go and do a Delta Park Run! It was fun, running is always fun, even more so when there is a nice large group of people also doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love running along the roads alone as it gives me time to zone out and think about absolutely nothing while I am out there. But what is also really great about running with a group is that you are “motivated” to run faster and keep a better pace, I mean, who wants the guy that looks 40 km heavier than you to come cruising past you on the uphills or the skinny kid that looks half your age to sprint past you on the downhills. No me! 🙂

The Delta Park Run was great, well organised, and I will definitely do it again, soon. Here are my results – “You finished in 118th place and were the 15th lady out of a field of 511 parkrunners and you came 3rd in your age category.”

And for all I know there could have only been 3 people running in my age category yesterday, because most people that are 25 would probably have been lying in bed with a hangover from the night before.


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