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It’s a Rant Day…

Okay so it’s one of those days. It seems I am being rather “anal” (such a horrible word to use) about everything today.

Firstly, my name… It’s spelt like this, K for “Kitten”, A for well “Anal”, R for “Romance”, E for “Elephant” and N for “Nelly” – KAREN not KARIN or CARIN. Stop it. It especially grates me when my email clearly has the correct spelling on it.

Secondly, people… Telephone numbers, they do not have “O’s” in them, they have “0’s/zeros”, okay? You’re going to struggle to find an “O” on the dialling pad.

I am not going to talk about the fact that I have come across human’s that enter the lift before the people getting off on that floor do so first. Seriously. This one kills me.

Rant over.

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One thought on “It’s a Rant Day…

  1. Hua Shan plank path to the bucket list and no more neknoms fail……believe it! coz it is true.

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