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A Bucket of Sour Milk

Have you ever been to the gym and been in the close proximity of another person that’s also working out that smells like they allowed their dog to wear their workout clothes for the day or like they soaked their clothes in a bucket of sour milk?

Well, I was subject to this yesterday and what’s worse is that it was in my spinning class. The guy right in front of me smelt like sour milk. I wanted to be sick, and even more so when I had to stand up and stick my nose even closer to him. Ewwww.

That said, this particular guy is there about twice a week with his GF, attending spinning classes. What the hell is wrong with her that she doesn’t tell her men “listen, you need to dry your clothes properly…”, she can obviously say it nicer than that. I don’t mince my words; secondly, what the hell is wrong with him that he doesn’t dry his clothes properly and that he cannot pick up that he smells bad? No man.

Next time, I have decided I will actually just get off my bike and move to another spot in the spinning class. Even if I get eyeballed!

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