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If I Won the British Lottery…

Earlier this year (January sometime) I was asked what would be the first thing I would do if I won the British lottery.

My answer was pretty easy, and I didn’t even need to think about it twice. I would buy a lodge or a resort for my folks along the coastline or anywhere in SA really of their choice. That would be the first thing. Why, because there is nothing more in the world that I would rather do than to give back to the two people that have done so much for me. So much love, support, advice and life, I owe them everything and this small thing would not even come close to showing how much love I have for them or how grateful I am to have them as my parents.

Now winning the British lottery is no small amount of cash, so what else would I do with it? Here are some of my other choices of what I would do with my winnings –

I would invest some of the money; this is probably the obvious one. But, only some, I can never understand why people just put all their money away and just sit there watch it growing; it is there to be spent.

Some of the money I would donate towards charity, and this sounds super cliché, but I do not care. And I know exactly who I would donate the money to. Something I love doing when I am buying myself groceries is buying an extra few items that are probably less than half a plastic bag and giving it to beggars at traffic lights. If I spend more than R70 on that small bag it’s a lot, if I won the lottery I would buy dozens of these bags and quite happily drive around the city handing them out. I would be in my element.

Then, I would go full on “selfish” and spend some money on myself. More specifically on travel, I would resign from my job and work my notice in, heck perhaps even buy some shares in the company I work for, and then I would head out to explore the world.

I would start my friends, in Asia. It’s no hidden secret that I fell in-love with Thailand when I was there in 2013 and I will definitely head back in that direction to start with, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia *sigh*, Myanmur, India, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, I would then head to the Middle East, Europe and then South America. By then the interest I would probably making from my investments could probably get me to North America! 😉

It is an everlasting dream of mine to just travel.

A girl can dream right?

My First Park Run

So I finally managed to get my butt up “early” enough on a Saturday to go and do a Delta Park Run! It was fun, running is always fun, even more so when there is a nice large group of people also doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love running along the roads alone as it gives me time to zone out and think about absolutely nothing while I am out there. But what is also really great about running with a group is that you are “motivated” to run faster and keep a better pace, I mean, who wants the guy that looks 40 km heavier than you to come cruising past you on the uphills or the skinny kid that looks half your age to sprint past you on the downhills. No me! 🙂

The Delta Park Run was great, well organised, and I will definitely do it again, soon. Here are my results – “You finished in 118th place and were the 15th lady out of a field of 511 parkrunners and you came 3rd in your age category.”

And for all I know there could have only been 3 people running in my age category yesterday, because most people that are 25 would probably have been lying in bed with a hangover from the night before.


It’s a Rant Day…

Okay so it’s one of those days. It seems I am being rather “anal” (such a horrible word to use) about everything today.

Firstly, my name… It’s spelt like this, K for “Kitten”, A for well “Anal”, R for “Romance”, E for “Elephant” and N for “Nelly” – KAREN not KARIN or CARIN. Stop it. It especially grates me when my email clearly has the correct spelling on it.

Secondly, people… Telephone numbers, they do not have “O’s” in them, they have “0’s/zeros”, okay? You’re going to struggle to find an “O” on the dialling pad.

I am not going to talk about the fact that I have come across human’s that enter the lift before the people getting off on that floor do so first. Seriously. This one kills me.

Rant over.

NekNomination 2

Okay so I did it, last night after a grueling match of squash (and I had my arse handed to me), I did my NekNomination video.

No I will not be sharing it with you, because yes, it was lame. I shared it on FB, thanked the person that nominated me, nominated 2 more people, left it overnight, and this morning I hid it from my timeline.

All I did was drink a Savanna Light (downed it, very slowly), threw a squash ball into the air and hit it really hard against the front wall and nominated the next two victims. It was fun, for a whole 26 seconds.

The end.

NekNomination 1

Okay so I have been “NekNominated”, and I have been dreading this moment for weeks now. And last night a cutey that I met on Koh Phi Phi that lives in Holland decided to nominate me. This is what I woke up to. Kill. Me. Now.


Whilst I have not really been following any of the whole NekNomination thing that has been going viral throughout the globe nor taken any interest to it, I also feel that being a party pooper is not on, so yes I have decided I shall be taking part in it, this evening, sorry people. It’s like the Harlem Shake, which was also a load of nonsense, and fun. I took part in that too.

I have yet to Twerk, that’ll be the day.

A Bucket of Sour Milk

Have you ever been to the gym and been in the close proximity of another person that’s also working out that smells like they allowed their dog to wear their workout clothes for the day or like they soaked their clothes in a bucket of sour milk?

Well, I was subject to this yesterday and what’s worse is that it was in my spinning class. The guy right in front of me smelt like sour milk. I wanted to be sick, and even more so when I had to stand up and stick my nose even closer to him. Ewwww.

That said, this particular guy is there about twice a week with his GF, attending spinning classes. What the hell is wrong with her that she doesn’t tell her men “listen, you need to dry your clothes properly…”, she can obviously say it nicer than that. I don’t mince my words; secondly, what the hell is wrong with him that he doesn’t dry his clothes properly and that he cannot pick up that he smells bad? No man.

Next time, I have decided I will actually just get off my bike and move to another spot in the spinning class. Even if I get eyeballed!

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