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Dry Jan from Hell

So this month I have decided to embark on the crazy decision that I usually only make in November, a month of complete sobriety aka “Dry Jan”. I am not going to lie, for some reason doing this in January has been darn difficult! And let’s get real, I am no alcoholic; even though the way I go about it sometimes you would most likely think I am! I have also been told that when I am out and sober I tend to act just “as drunk” as the drunk people around me. This is called having fun, for all those who don’t know… You do not need to have a drink to be a fun person, nor to have a fun time.

I am over “Dry Jan” like a hole in the head. I want to be able to go to a braai and enjoy a couple of ice cold Savannas, I want to be able to arrange to meet up with a friend for after work drinks or a Saturday lunch and ease down to a glass or two of wine. Flip, maybe even a bottle! 🙂

This weekend, I may be going to a braai on Saturday and perhaps even Park Acoustics on Sunday. I am not sure yet, but I am also annoyed because of this restriction I have put in place for myself.

It’s already the 23rd day of the month and I have come this far and not had even a sip of alcohol to drink, in my books that’s pretty impressive. So I am in two minds about the whole thing, “wow, 23 days is great and that’s already proof right there that I have the strength to not drink.” also “I’ve already done 23 days and have come so far, what’s waiting another 8 days going to do?”

The main reason that I usually/or have stopped drinking in the month of November in the past has to become fit for the 94.7 cycle challenge, and I normally stop drinking until the race which is around the 17th of the month and then I have a drink after that. So not even a full month anyway.

I am fit and I am healthy at the moment. Possibly the healthiest I have been since I left Matric.

I’ve also figured out why this is bugging me so much, I have made a commitment to myself, “to not drink for a month” and once I make a commitment to something I stick to it. So there you have it, 8 days more of not a drop of booze to drink I guess it is!

Still not happy…

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