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A Great Saturday!

So this morning I woke up in a state of euphoria, possibly also because I fell asleep in pretty much the same state…

Yes Saturday was definitely off to a great start!

When I eventually managed to peel myself out of my bed I had a shower and got ready to go the Bastille concert, which I have been looking forward to for months. In case you haven’t picked up on it before from my previous articles, I love live music. And I can probably say Bastille were truly amazing in their own right, I don’t even know who to compare them to.

Massive stage!

Massive stage!

The local bands/acts weren’t bad. Matthew Mole specifically blew me away. That young man has got some talent and he seems to be quite a genuine guy when he’s talking to the crowd and performing too. Nice.

Back to Bastille, I now have super stiff thighs, tight pulling calf muscles and hardly any voice left.

I’ve been listening to the Bastille album non stop for two weeks, so it was quite awesome to be able to sing along to most of the songs.

I’m also extremely proud of myself for going to the concert and not having any alcohol to drink. Sober January is going really well!

Yes I can be crazy sober too.. ;)

Yes I can be crazy sober too.. 😉

Had yet another rad day out with my friend Chantal. The chick is awesome and I’m glad to have met her last year!

Chantal & I

Chantal & I

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