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A Chilled One

What a weekend! I had such a chilled, at my own pace weekend last weekend.
On Friday night when I got home I had no plans, in fact I just planned to carry on working on the impromtu decision to dig up half my garden to create a new paved area so that it could be ready to “make pretty” over the weekend.
I then decided that I wanted to go out to Rumors to go watch the last show for the Puma Happy Holidays tour, no chance of me missing out on watching Desmond & the Tutus and Shortstraw if they’re playing in Jozi! Proper groupie love I tell you!
The show was great, absolutely loved it, nevermind the fact that as per usual Rumors was as hot as hell and everyone was sweaty. Now I have first hand experience of jamming and dripping with sweat both in Rumors and also when I was in Thailand, but there is only so much I can take. Only difference is that in Thailand, you are dripping with sweat and it’s an outside jol! Sweat on, party on. Rad night. – Rumors bar is a problem though, they really need to sort their sh*t out. I waited for 30 minutes to be served, only to find out they don’t have still water or Red Bull.
2014 is definitely another year of live shows and music for me! I’ve already got 3 bands down – Beach Party, Desmond & the Tutus and Shortstraw!
Woke up early on Saturday so that I could carry on finishing the paved area in the garden and then went into work to decorate and prepare for the staff party we were hosting for our staff at work. Long afternoon much… Sat in the grass drinking water and a lot of softdrinks watching them party on.
It was great to just relax on Saturday evening and I eventually passed out. Sunday morning when I woke up I eventually wandered back into the garden in my PJs with a cup of coffee in my hand and got cracking on the garden again. I am pretty impressed with the outcome and can’t wait for the plants to start growing.
I went through to meet a couple of my friends at Walkhaven Dog Park out in Muldersdrift, if you have dogs you should seriously take them out there. I can sit for hours watching the dogs running around on the grass with their owners and playing in the dams. I also find it so romantic how some of the couples are walking around holding hands *sigh*. Makes me wish I had a dog… 😉 lol
The rest of Sunday was spent in a very similar relax mode because I was starting to feel the sunburn from all the morning gardening.
Looking forward to the weekend ahead! For many reasons…

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