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Just what exactly should I be blogging about today? Do I go on about the New Year’s party that I didn’t really enjoy, do I go on about the fact that it scares me how many people take drugs or that I cannot believe how many smokers there are out there at the moment? Or perhaps I should do an article on the New Year resolutions that I will probably forget about in a week’s time?

All these things are on my mind, but today I am going to give them a skip.

I am so looking forward to the year that lies ahead, I want to go to more live gigs and shows. Hiking, I need more of this in my life and 2014 is the year I am going to make it happen. Also kissing, but not just kissing anyone. It needs to be someone that makes my tummy go crazy and my toes curl.

And running, in 2012 I bought myself new running shoes and I said that I was going to regularly run 10km races. I did one in 2013 (Warrior Races not included). So I’ll try do more of that this year. Problem is though, I went online just now to look at the upcoming races and they are all so freaking far away…! There is no chance you are going to catch me driving to Benoni, Kempton Park or the likes thereof to run a race that is most likely starting at 6am, or at 6pm in fact! I’ll stick to my area for now and just find new streets to run along, it’s so pretty as it is anyway.

2013 has possibly been one of the best years I have ever had, or it has been the year where some of the best things happened to me all in one year (does it sound like I am on Cloud 9 when I talk like this?)

I have been going online day after day for the last week now, just looking for my next travel destination. I am struggling to decide, I mean where do you go when you want to go everywhere? Also when you need to save to go there first!

Another “problem” is that I want to go somewhere where I can go lie on a beach in my bikini sipping cocktails as well.  Maybe I should plan two trips this year and just make both shorter?

This is the list so far –

Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Étretat & Paris (France), Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Amsterdam, Istanbul/Turkey, Zanzibar…

I also have that crazy bucket list of mine that need to try get through this year, you remember right? That long list of 100 things that I need to do, which also reminds me… I need to change it a bit as I know there are a few things on there that have changed a bit.

This is also the year that I need to spend $$ wisely (whilst having the time of my life at the same time of course).

Looking back at 2013 I have no idea where I managed to find the time to do everything that I did, especially the last few months of the year.

New Year’s resolution? I honestly do not have one, every morning when I wake up I make tiny and sometimes big promises to myself, whether it be to be a nicer person, give a homeless person food, smile at a stranger, save a little more money, buy that pair of shoes that I have been looking at, plan my next trip. My Mom always taught me that you should try without losing who you are in it all to be a better person and improve your way of living without negatively affecting the people around you. Don’t wait once a year to make yourself promises, start every day when you wake up (unless you wake up with someone next to you of course, because by all means, you then need to start your day off with a kiss) 😉


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