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2013 “in the bag”

2013, another year that is basically “in the bag”! I cannot believe how quickly times flies (I typed away while sitting on a flight to Mthatha) it feels like just yesterday I was flying home to my parents for my December break and just the other day I was taking off to Thailand, my first ever experience of going overseas.

This year has been absolutely great, so very fulfilling! To sum it up quickly, I have travelled (both overseas and within South Africa), I have met some truly amazing people, also regrettably lost a couple of friendships along the way, and a few have been strengthened. I am healthy, my family and friends are healthy. There have been some unforgettable moments that have occurred during 2013 and of course I was promoted in the beginning of November.

The not so short version of the year gone by…

I’ve been on some hilarious as all hell dates this year, jeez have I got stories! There are some freaky people out there, we live and we learn. 😉

I’ve previously blogged about the first 8 or so months of the year but I’m going to do a quick recap, in no specific order.

This year, I went to Thailand. And let me tell you, even though it was my first time going overseas and this opinion is clearly biased, that place is amazing. It captured my soul and every sense of my very being. It will always be special to me and I hope to go back again one day.

I have ALWAYS had a desire for all genres and types of music, people that went to school with me can vouch for me on that one. But it has always been personal “hobby” and never a career direction for me. During the course of the year I was absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to discovering new artists and music that I never knew existed. I found old music on my laptop that I hadn’t heard in years that I fell in-love with again. And biggest and best of all were the moments that I got to listen to music live, local, international, front row, back row, seated, jumping, running, attending on rooftops, at stadiums, in town and more!

Rihanna was a disappointment but I still love her music, and the fact that I shared that experience with my best friend Linelle made it even more special for me, there is none other like her (especially in that she stays my friend after all the crazy shit I tell her). Red Hot Chili Peppers!!! Oh my gawsh, I have loved them since I moved to SA (not sure why I wasn’t a fan in Zim… probably because I was too busy climbing trees), the Peppers concert was excellent. I bought my GC ticket on the day at the stadium and it was well worth it! Dave Matthews was ok, I didn’t know enough of their music to enjoy it as much as the other groupies, but let me tell you, when he sang “Crash Into Me” I could have melted right through the spot on the floor that I was standing on.

Altj deserve their very own paragraph. Because HOT DAMN. Matilda, Something Good… *sigh* they were amazing. The “In The City” concert this year was “the business”, I had the pleasure of being there with Chantal another friend that I have grown very close to over the last 6 months whom I met through squash.

Squash… I also rekindled my relationship with that bad bay this year! My knees hate me all the more for it.

This year, I fell even more in love with local music. South Africa, you’ve got talent. I could try name all of the bands I’ve seen but I’d be sure to miss one or two out, they ranged from Shortstraw, ISO, Michael Lowman, Desmond & the Tutus, Dan Platlansky, some dude with BOOM in his name, yeah I listened to an Afrikaans gig at an MK session, I watched Fokofpolisiekar at the Barnyard Theatre and let me tell you, if you ever thought you had seen the best when it comes to stage presence, you haven’t, you should make a plan to see these guys when they are next in your area! I went to watch Goodluck’s documentary that they made doing their album through Namibia, just wow. Their new album is one of my favourites for 2013. I also saw Goodluck perform on top of one of Jozi’s buildings that has one of the best views of the city – Randlords. I’ve seen Newton 2nd Law, who are rad! I went to the Fuzigish album launch in town, gone crazy for Facing the Gallows like a proper groupie. The Plastics were pretty cool, I saw them at a Halloween party that I went to, not sure why I do not have their album. Must. Get.

I just cannot include everyone. There is just so much, and if I think back on every moment at each concert, every gig and live session, I can confirm that I was having the time of my life. And given the chance to see all of them live again, I’ll be there, front row, back row, seated, jumping, running, attending on rooftops, at stadiums, in town and more!

In November I stopped drinking for the beginning of the month as I was cycling the 94.7 with my Dad again this year. Need to try this again (the drinking thing); it requires such strong willpower to do.

I started a new job in the beginning of November, which has proven to be very exciting and as challenging as I had hoped it to be. This is something that I am looking forward to continuing in 2014 and look forward to giving it my all. There is nothing else that I would choose to be doing when it comes to my work and what I love about my current position is that every day is different.

And last but not least of all, probably most precious of anything that has happened in 2013 over all, my relationship with my parents has just grown from strength to strength and they are definitely two of the most important people and role models in my life, without them I would not be who I have become today.

2014, may it be just as wonderful as this past year has been and may I be able to save enough to visit a few more countries overseas and to cross more items off my very long bucket list!

To all my family and friends, wishing you all the blessings that you deserve, be safe and be healthy.


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