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Smiling ’cause I can :)

So yes… I am one happy Bubbles at the moment. I have had a silly girl smile on my face all day today, well it’s been for the last couple of days but yeah – today I actually caught myself smiling about something more than just work for a change! 🙂

*smiles for days*


An Ode to love

So you’ve gone and done it. You have put all these dreamy and crazy ideas in my head.

I could say that it is enough to just love, that it would be enough to just to love each other for the rest of our lives and just float around on that beautiful boat of yours but it wouldn’t. The past cannot be erased and the future is well, still unwritten.

Who knows? Maybe one day we will find one another again and we will walk in silence holding hands.

You know I think about you. You were of course my first ‘love’.

Let me be please.

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