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Respect for Human Dignity

It’s been quite awhile since I have really done something worth reading on my blog… Not saying this is going to be either but it’s been building up to a point where I just have to say something to let it out.

I have noticed in the last two weeks or so how we people talk down more and more about each other and sometimes to each other. It really is in fact more on the about each other side though, and I am sure it has been going on for more than the last two weeks.

Twitter is one of the biggest areas where it really sticks out for me; we so easily say nasty things about each other via something called ‘subtweeting’ this means directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their name or directly mentioning them. I myself am guilty of doing this sometimes, but there are people that do this on a regular basis and most of the time the things that they say you can easily pick up who and what they are talking about.

I have had two guys ‘subtweet’ about me in the last 2 weeks that I actually managed to pick up, one was aimed at a spelling error I had in my work title and the other about a spelling/grammar error I had made from a copy and paste message I had posted on Twitter without checking it first before posting.

Instead of sending a message directly to me and correcting me they decided to (indirectly) humiliate me on a public platform.

There also seems to be a huge problem with people attacking each other and various brands that slip up from time to time via Twitter. I think it is really distasteful and indecent. To me there is a massive difference between bringing something to everyone’s attention and maliciously trying to make something or someone look bad.

I also find that when something bad is said people tend to immediately attack back instead of asking the person responsible for doing/saying something what exactly happened to cause them to say something bad about their product or about them. We try to claw back at each other, if that makes sense?

Anyway, what I really trying to get at here is, when did ‘the masses’ turn so nasty towards their own? Sure – there has always been the few out of the norm people that act badly and do bad things but if the rest of us start following these examples then what disaster are we headed towards?

I have made a conscious decision to try stop saying nasty things about people, I am going to really try keep my indecent comments to myself instead of belittling the people around me as it only reflects badly about me at the end of the day.

So to the cream Mini Cooper driving Sandton Mommy that gets road rage at me in front of your kid, I am sorry I called you a Tramp. To the specific liqueur brand that I had something to say about earlier this week, unfortunately I do not apologise because circumstance would have it that what I said was true, however how I said it I do apologise for; matters could have been dealt with in a better way. And to the little guest house that cancelled my parent’s accommodation this coming Tuesday in Jozi and has left them to find a new place to stay when they come visit me – you are safe, well on Twitter you are 😉

One of the principles in my Company is “Respect for Human Dignity” – this to me is not only how we treat people but also how we talk about people and ourselves.

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