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My 7 Days Off Line

15th March – Day 1

Wake up in Dullstroom, check time, open Twitter app on my phone, curse myself – luckily I had logged out the night before so I don’t get tempted to check my TL.

Go for breakfast at Charlie C’s, I really want to check in on Foursquare. Lady that owns Charlie C’s asks me for Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe… I shared it and promise to return for tea.

I take pictures of Charlie C’s – no sharing… except with someone via Whatsapp… kind of cheated there, even though it’s someone I can chat to on Whatsapp I wasn’t supposed to snap away with my phone. My Mom says she’s got her eye on me.

Throughout the morning all I want to do is Tweet, so many things come to mind that I want to say and share, but alas I stay strong and refrain. Serious withdrawal at this stage.

BBM a preferred… Mom questions if I’m allowed to do that every time I even touch my phone… I want to Tweet how annoying this is, but obviously can’t 😉

Go for lunch at Pickle’s & Things – I used to work here during school holidays, damn the place has gone backwards! Menu has changed; not many great options & is badly designed, decor is lacking something and the four extremely young and playful little creatures that they have as waiters are running around giggling (we’re the only table inside), the food was good anyway. My Mom keeps mentioning that she wants to download Foursquare so that she can leave a tip at the place so people know how bad it is… not helping matters at all.

We go back to the Guest House (Fox’s Hill) to chill a bit; all I want to do is log on and see what is going on, but instead I pass out on the couch.

That night went to Mrs. Simpson’s for dinner, owned by Bryan & Steven – this couple are the best ever and own the best restaurant in town, their gorgeous kitty Wallis sits on my lap for most of the night whilst a table of 3 Swedish guys stare at me in shock. LOL – I want to Tweet, but what the hell my phone is in my bag and I don’t care 🙂

Later that night when I got back to my room I cheated on BBM, a lady I work with sent me a message; I read it and replied a few times.

And I had emailed my Aunt the night before to say Happy Birthday so did not end up going onto Facebook 🙂

Someone even sent me a message and tried to taunt me by saying there was huge gossip going down on Twitter; I didn’t budge.

16th March – Day 2

Kind of over everything at this point, I have literally forgotten about Social Media.

It’s the last day in Dullies 😦 but I am definitely ready to get back to Jozi!

Of course the drive back to Jozi was a little annoying, all I wanted to do was log in and chat to people; but still didn’t.

13:06 I receive a message from a BBM contact; when I did eventually read it today (22nd March) it is a broadcast message and I get pissed off.

14:26 a message comes through on BBM from someone about a very close friend of mine’s husband, later that afternoon I find out her husband passed away earlier that morning. I am absolutely devastated, I had made my status on BBM on the 1st Day “7 Days Off Line” and was not meant to change it, however I change it in support of my friend and leave it for the rest of the week.

For the rest of the evening I just enjoyed my time with my parents.

17th March – Day 3

Send a Happy Birthday message on BBM to my friend, still no Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare; I was coping quite well by now.

However, I must admit I was starting to miss a few of the people that I chatted to on a regular basis on Twitter.

Had a fabulous last day with my Mom & Dad, I don’t even think I was thinking about logging into anything.

18th March – Day 4

A bit of the blues 😦 hate it when my parents leave as I never know how soon I will be seeing them again.

As lonely as I was feeling still didn’t cave 🙂 I was quite proud of myself.

Made a rustic lunch, settled outside with a cushion and throw with my CharlieC and wait for it… I even got to read an entire Cosmopolitan from cover to cover! I enter the Contiki Thailand competition at least 15 times! It. Felt. Amazing to just relax.

19th March – Day 5

Back. At. Work… thank goodness for no distractions because I hit the floor and my emails running!

Of course I cheat again on BBM and send my girl Liza Sutherland a Happy Birthday message, by this stage I figured that it was okay to send BBM messages to one or two people. I had cut down a lot compared to a normal day.

20th March – Day 6

Again, nothing – I miss nothing 🙂

Except when I get to Liza’s Bday where everyone from the usual Twitter crowd is! It was so awesome to see and catch up with all the ladies, I had missed them so much and we had such a great night partying and celebrating that night – awesome party Liza 🙂

21st March – Day 7

OUCH my head *face palm* – this is why I do not drink to get drunk any more. I think I am giving up drinking next… indefinitely.

No Twitter on a boring Public Holiday – big mistake! Also my last day 🙂 woo hoo!!

Luckily I went into work that day, caught up on some much needed sleep and then caught a movie later 🙂 It was awesome!!

Synopsis –

It felt fantastic to not be constantly ‘ruled’ by the need to respond to messages and share with everyone however I missed the daily interaction with some very special people I have made friends with on line, a lot.

The time I had for myself was awesome!

My battery actually lasted for at least 2 days at a time, and not 2 hours!

During the time I spent not talking to ‘Social Media Friends’ I spent time thinking and talking to old friends via SMS and BBM – it was especially great to talk to my friend Tammy.

I didn’t have to hit my breaks every two minutes in traffic… I will definitely not be messing around with my phone whilst driving unless in absolute stop dead rush hour traffic anymore – so not worth it.

The hotties in traffic are hot… but clearly a lot hotter when I don’t stare at them for long because I am too busy Tweeting about them to realise how not so hot they actually they really aren’t 😉

This morning I logged onto everything, eventually at 10am I started getting so annoyed with the notifications I logged off again.

I shall definitely from now onwards try ‘limit’ the amount of time I spend across all these platforms I cut out of my life for the last 7 days.

It was a great break, and can say I didn’t miss any of the negative, fake, crass and unfriendly crap that goes moves across my TL and in future will just be unfollowing/blocking these people.

To those that supported me this last week, carried on following me and welcomed me back with open arms today – thank you, you are all absolute rock stars!

From me – that’s a wrap 🙂

7 Days Off Line

So after much thought on the matter and the motivation from @matthewsavides – read more about that here @ what point do you shut down?.

I have too decided to do the #7DaysOffline challenge (yes for me it is actually a challenge).

I need to have a break from it all, Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite, My Blog :(, Foursquare, Emails, BBM, Whatsapp and my newest love Pinterest! The internet and information ‘overload’ is just getting too much, that and the fact that I am trying to get a break from all the negativity and unhappiness on certain platforms.

I was going to do it from Sunday last week (11th March) as my parents are up visiting and I wanted to spend all my time with them… Then I thought I should do it during a normal work week so that I could actually note the difference during this ‘normal’ week without all of the above. Anyway, I have now decided that I need to start tonight (14th March), which will include the time while my parents so I can enjoy my time with them and I will go until midnight on the 21st March, which includes work and normal daily activities as well – I shall only observe the traffic hotties and will have to drink wine alone 😉

As Matthew said, often we are so busy checking in on Foursquare, Tweeting/ Facebooking and Blogging about it we don’t actually cherish the moment in front of us anymore.

What I absolutely love about Social Media is the sharing with all the people you don’t know that share similar interests and feelings about what you are saying; and as most would know I am absolutely addicted to sharing. So this is going to be difficult.

The Rules:

No Twitter – none whatsoever, I will log off my account on my Twitter application on my phone tonight. No scrolling through my TL, DMing, Tweeting… nothing.

Difficult One !

No Facebook – again same as the above, absolutely no activity whatsoever, BUT – as it is my Aunt in Zimbabwe’s 60th Birthday on the 15th March I may log in, send her a message, NOT check any notifications or my TL and log right back off again. Family first.

Not so bad...

Hootsuite – No scheduled messages at all.

Hoot Hoot

No Blogging – I may not post anything on my Blog until this is over… not even a Sexy Kiss of the Day :(, as I have all the kisses on my Laptop I will just save them and post them all next week at once 🙂

Hmmm I love kissing, I’m getting distracted…

Goodbye till next week 😦

No Foursquare – I will log off the application and not check in anywhere, which really really sucks because I wanted to check into Charlie C’s in Dullstroom :(, I love you Charlie Chaplin.

Love this place!

BBM – now this is slightly difficult, well I only have 68 contacts and if I even chat to 8 of them on a regular basis it is a lot. I will chat to my parents – Family first, Ceri Grenfell as it is your Birthday I will chat to you on the 17th March :), Tammy D – she’s my bestie, no blocking her out ever, Elismha – you make me smile so I’m keeping you ;). And since I am sure I will need to vent about this whole thing; Matthew, you have indeed made the list because you will know what I am going through and may need to encourage me to keep going 😉 As for the rest, I will not even open your message, sorry in advance! Oh and no changing of my status and profile picture!

Not sad about this one at all

Whatsapp – Mike, you’ve made the cut 😉 haha. And my cousin Clarence has made the list too.

Pinterest – No browsing at all! All those pretty and funny pictures… missed! And I have recently introduced my mom to it so she better not show me anything… wait does it count if she logs in, browses and shows me things?

My newest 'lover'

Emails – I am logging off of Gmail & Yahoo as they are the only 2 connected to my Social Media networks. Vodamail & work emails will be allowed.


And as I am always to happy to snap away from my Smartphone camera I am going old school and I will carry my small camera around and take pictures ‘the old school’ way 😉

As Matthew did, I will take notes of how I coped along the way… not all the time as that defies the point of getting a break. I will share it with you all on my Blog here next week 🙂

Wish me luck with my #7DaysOffline stint!

e.e. cummings

“To be nobody but
yourself in a world
which is doing its best day and night to make you like
everybody else means to fight the hardest battle
which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.”
– E. E. Cummings

I Believe

I absolutely love this! Especially the kissing part 😉

Respect for Human Dignity

It’s been quite awhile since I have really done something worth reading on my blog… Not saying this is going to be either but it’s been building up to a point where I just have to say something to let it out.

I have noticed in the last two weeks or so how we people talk down more and more about each other and sometimes to each other. It really is in fact more on the about each other side though, and I am sure it has been going on for more than the last two weeks.

Twitter is one of the biggest areas where it really sticks out for me; we so easily say nasty things about each other via something called ‘subtweeting’ this means directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their name or directly mentioning them. I myself am guilty of doing this sometimes, but there are people that do this on a regular basis and most of the time the things that they say you can easily pick up who and what they are talking about.

I have had two guys ‘subtweet’ about me in the last 2 weeks that I actually managed to pick up, one was aimed at a spelling error I had in my work title and the other about a spelling/grammar error I had made from a copy and paste message I had posted on Twitter without checking it first before posting.

Instead of sending a message directly to me and correcting me they decided to (indirectly) humiliate me on a public platform.

There also seems to be a huge problem with people attacking each other and various brands that slip up from time to time via Twitter. I think it is really distasteful and indecent. To me there is a massive difference between bringing something to everyone’s attention and maliciously trying to make something or someone look bad.

I also find that when something bad is said people tend to immediately attack back instead of asking the person responsible for doing/saying something what exactly happened to cause them to say something bad about their product or about them. We try to claw back at each other, if that makes sense?

Anyway, what I really trying to get at here is, when did ‘the masses’ turn so nasty towards their own? Sure – there has always been the few out of the norm people that act badly and do bad things but if the rest of us start following these examples then what disaster are we headed towards?

I have made a conscious decision to try stop saying nasty things about people, I am going to really try keep my indecent comments to myself instead of belittling the people around me as it only reflects badly about me at the end of the day.

So to the cream Mini Cooper driving Sandton Mommy that gets road rage at me in front of your kid, I am sorry I called you a Tramp. To the specific liqueur brand that I had something to say about earlier this week, unfortunately I do not apologise because circumstance would have it that what I said was true, however how I said it I do apologise for; matters could have been dealt with in a better way. And to the little guest house that cancelled my parent’s accommodation this coming Tuesday in Jozi and has left them to find a new place to stay when they come visit me – you are safe, well on Twitter you are 😉

One of the principles in my Company is “Respect for Human Dignity” – this to me is not only how we treat people but also how we talk about people and ourselves.

I am Bubbles & I Love Balloons

Things that make me happy… Balloons that float up into the sky, or in this case… drift across the beach 🙂

So Pretty 🙂

I am known as Bubbles to some – not too sure where my friend @Kools_24 got this nickname from 🙂 but it’s fun and I always try to be a bubbly person!

Trying to be happy here!

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