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Age – Is But a Number…

Age? Is but a number, right? Well I for one do not have real issues towards age, except for the fact that when I am sitting at a table full of people my age all I am really thinking to myself is “What am I doing here right now?” I just cannot do it; all I hear is “Blah, sex, blah, drunk, blah, partying, blah… BLAH”. Sure I have a couple of friends from school that are my age, and generally we all still get along very well 🙂

I. can't. hear. you.

I have learnt a lot about myself over the last, I’d say 6 months or so. I have realised that whilst I am still young (very young :)) I generally prefer to socialise with a much older crowd, both female & male company. I struggle to chat to others my age, because all they want to do is – party themselves into a drunk stupor, and hope to go to the parking lot with a random to have sex (yes I said it), smoke weed (smoking full stop is absolutely disgusting, but that is another story which I will one day post), sleep until the most ridiculous hour of the day (what a waste of the day time beauty), they talk about irrelevant & uneducated subjects (which from time to time is okay)… I am just not connecting with my age group.

It’s fine though… right? Well if not I may have a problem, but it’s already too late. I enjoy reading, going for dinners & movies (instead of the clubbing all the time), gardening (I know, I’m screwed)… p.s. my first Moon Flower should be blooming soon 😉 I LOVE my work, love it! The responsibility I have at work is also not that of a normal level for someone my age, which at times is stressful but I wouldn’t have chosen any different path for myself career wise.

I have already decided that should I not be in a fully committed relationship by at least 28 I will have a child alone (depending on the fact that I can actually afford to at the time).

One night stands and casual sex, I do not believe in it. It is just not for me. That is all I am saying on that, if you want to discuss that one in depth ask me for coffee, it’s at least a 30 minute discussion that I can have.

On holiday at the beautiful Umngazi Resort every year I meet up with the regular crowd my age (give or take 1 or 2 years older/younger), instead of drinking shooters till the wee hours of the mornings with them, I sit and drink wine & G&Ts with people at least 5 – 10 years older than me, why? Because the conversation is more interesting and more mature… However the chances that you’ll find me building a sand castle or doing cartwheels on the beach the next day is pretty high. What’s my point? I am still young and enjoy doing youthful ‘childish’ things. Acting like a kid is fun!

Fun like a kid!

Men/Man/Boys/Guys/Dudes… younger than me… NO GO, been there, done that and literally threw away the T Shirt; my age… high, horny & drunk; wait the horny part doesn’t change no matter what age group 😉 haha. Older than me? Yes, but not between ages 25 – 27, why? Because. they. do. not. know. what. they. want… Really I am not even joking here. But then again neither do I so I don’t know what I am really saying here 🙂

So the next article… I am thinking that I will actually be sitting down and typing out the real RFP list, so I can figure it out.

p.s I love clubbing, like in really love it and I cannot wait until I find a really sexy man to take out with me to party with.

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4 thoughts on “Age – Is But a Number…

  1. Sorry I don’t like clubbing, but yes I’m sexy and I’ll take you partying, about that 30 min coffee break….

    I wouldn’t rule out meeting a guy your own age that isn’t into all the stuff you don’t like, trust me they are out there, I know because I was one of them!

    Last night I was out with my mates doing our BoysClub once a month get together (38 – 40) age group and all they wanted to do was get hammered, I eventually left at 11:00 not wanting to drive home drunk and also to avoid all the tequila shooters that were flying around.
    So don’t expect older guys to be much better, we usually don’t grow up very much.

    I guess what i am saying is that don’t worry about the age thing so much, yes you are probably right, generally older guys are more level headed, but there are always exceptions to the rule, in both sexes.

    Love & Light

    • Well do you like dancing then? Because that is the main reason I enjoy going to clubs – occasionally I go with a friend of mine to her salsa socials, which is really fun.

      Whilst I am still in my 20’s I will not go out with someone my own age. Although I do believe you when you say that guys don’t change as they get any older 🙂 I love Tequila! Or at least until this last holiday I did! As for drinking and driving, I really do not approve of it at all. I was put into a really bad situation last year when I got into a car with a drunk guy and I was just lucky to get home safely (will never make that mistake again).

      Right now, I do not think I have time for a serious relationship, unless I find someone that can deal with the hours I spend at work.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 x

  2. I think my aim in life is to go reverse. Kind of like a mental version of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Hanging out with friends and discussing the flavours of a good wine, or which cheese pairs well with which beer are far more enjoyable pastimes than getting smashed and then getting Metro-Policed (it’s a verb, PigSpotter told me so). Thanks for the great post, very honest and written ina way that would make many people smile.

    • PigSpotter told you so you say? Haha… Well I can promise, I am still very young at heart… Just enjoy an older crowd 🙂 This post has been a long time coming I just wasn’t sure how to express how I was feeling! Thanks for the read and comment!

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