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Morbid Angel is a song about…

So my headline for this article has absolutely nothing to do with the post. Nothing about me is morbid, I caught myself at a weak moment yesterday, but I can’t always run around being fun and happy Bubbles all the time.

Team Bubbles

The truth is I am a pretty happy and content person, but I become easily upset by small things and it throws me out completely. I will admit I sometimes take things too seriously “who will think what, who will say that…’ But I thoroughly enjoy what I do, I mean I would never choose to do anything else career wise – people are amazing, working and connecting with the different people out there everyday is what I thrive on.

What scares me? Failure & disappointment – but not in a bad way, it’s in a way that I do not allow myself to become complacent. I love a good challenge you know? Walking into a meeting with my peers with a passion and the knowledge about the work that I do everyday that I just want to share it with them excites me.

Why am I scared to ask for a definition of what it really is? Rejection… I am no longer talking about work here, please keep up. Nowadays people have so many options and they are so freely available out there; I have learnt/seen/experienced 1st hand how easily someone can make them self available to more than one person at a time. (removed inappropriate sentence from here).

Need to decide whether I am running away or toward it

So I have said how happy I am at work…

My parents, wow – without them, I do not think I would be the person I am today; I think I have the most relaxed/strict/exciting/in love individual people as parents I have ever had the pleasure of being a daughter to. The fact that I went to boarding school… well it strengthened me, but damn being away from them then & now kills me. Every time I get off a plane to visit them I practically hold the tears back. 11 hours worth of driving? Too far. 1 phone call away – I love it. Mom always knows best.

Jo’Burg – can be a lonely City, I remember when I moved here…. I knew no one at the time but my ex and a few of his friends. When we eventually broke up, which I realise now was for the best (lonely or not), I was alone in this beautiful City. I put my head down and focused on my studies and career in my Hotel group; which I will never regret and now eventually that I am finally finding a fantastic balance I am meeting some amazing people, through work, gym, restaurants and various social media platforms. Every now again you come across that rotten apple, its inevitable 😉 I just eat around it!

I love Jozi Town!

Buy really having thought about it, Jo’Burg is a really beautiful place to live, the City is stunning, the shops are great, the people are well… different and the opportunities are endless… oh and occasionally you get to spot a hottie or two in the terrible rush hour traffic!

I live in a cute garden cottage with a beautiful ginger cat by the name of Charlie Chaplin and my landlords could not even be bothered by what I do and what time I come home. I do not own a TV nor do I care to own one. I drive a Citi Golf and am convinced I am The Stig at times on the way to work. I drink red wine and I am addicted to sushi. I love squash but haven’t played since high school. I like man but I am old school. I love my work but probably would have been a veterinary surgeon on the sideline if I had taken science at school. Kids scare the shit out of me but I would have a child alone through Artificial Insemination if I needed to do it alone. I am still a person and I still have real feelings and emotions – if you got far enough to read that last sentence. Kudos to you.

Life's big treasure!

Garden Kitteh

Of course no article of mine would be complete without a song and I love this one:)

One of those Days

You know when you’re happy but you still feel down? Well that’s how I felt today…. No wait that is how I have felt for a while already.

Every time I allow myself to be happy something happens and I just hear a little voice in my head saying “f*ck you, you don’t have time for this so don’t get used to it”, I feel like I have time for a little bit of x and y, but the abc’s have been pushed aside.

I’ve been told to find a balance, but every time I allow myself that little extra then it comes back to bite me in the ass. I am a career driven person, the life partner and the kids? I just don’t have the time – as selfish as that may sound. Would I love to have a companion that on days like today I can just go home and let it out? Yes of course but not everyone is that lucky, I’m hoping that I am one of the lucky ones… eventually.

Need to find that balance...

(And I’m about to go all road rage at the taxi that’s trying to push into my non progressing lane as I type this). Uh yes I’m sitting in traffic, and the lightning ahead looks magnificent, I hope it storms tonight.

I told someone this weekend that it takes a lot to make me cry… Let’s just be serious I was in boarding school I cried every time my parents dropped me off and collected me, in other words I’ve shed my fair share of tears. But… There is clearly one exception to my theory.

I’m trying to figure out why I woke up with a smile on face this morning and I’m going home feeling awful inside… Oh wait it’s because as crappy as today was, tomorrow is another day and it’s a fresh start and how tomorrow goes is all up to me.

They don't call me Bubbles for nothing!

Plus the amount of love that I got today after one small meaningless msg I posted was – wow. There are people out there that are really awesome.

On that note – I’m home now and a beautiful little creature is waiting to put the biggest smile on my face.

So much of happiness 🙂

Talking about a Relax

So instead of going to gym today (which I should totally be feeling guilty about), I decided to come home and just relax. I put all my things down inside the house, threw a blanket on the grass, poured a glass of wine, a bowl of raspberries and took out the book I got from a friend today 🙂

Hmm... yum yum!

Of course bunny boi joined me in the garden 🙂

I have heard a lot about the book I started reading, “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, very emotional and moving read, can’t wait to properly get stuck into it!

Lovely... a good alternative to my usual reads 🙂

What else would I be listening to other than my French Café CD… I love it 🙂 Absolute bliss… “Enzo Enzo – Juste Quelqu’un De Bien”

Eventually the flipping ants started harassing me so I had move inside, what a beautiful evening though! I hope the weather is this great for tomorrow night’s #FollowSA event that will be taking place at my Hotel 🙂 – can’t wait to meet all the people from Twitter, even if I have to work!

Just Breathe…

Whew, I had a long day. It just feels like everything is happening too fast at the moment, like every minute of the next two weeks has already been accounted for. I ended last year like that and I certainly don’t want this year to be like that again.

It’s exhausting. I don’t like having every minute of my time and life planned out, I feel like I am in a box with restrictions when that happens. On this date, do this do that, on that date, do this do that, next week do this do that… You get the point right?

I need one focus point, I remember when it was my work, I focused 100% of my energy on it, and a huge portion of my energy still goes towards it, but I feel like when I give a little of that energy towards something else I miss my work. I don’t want to choose – I am the type of person that likes to put 100% into everything I do.

I came across two pictures that genuinely made me smile today though 🙂 My Sexy Kiss of the Day picture, as well as the below picture… I just love balloons and this picture is stunning!

Isn't that just too gorgeous?

For some reason I was just feeling ‘overwhelmed’ today, I don’t know if it’s because I feel as though I am hiding something, but it’s not a great feeling. I don’t like keeping things secret (well about myself that is… other people’s secrets aren’t mine to share).

Arg.... What is going on at the moment?

Just taking one. day. at. a. time.

Saturday Check In

Obsessing over: Not being able to dance like the people in the movie Footloose that I watched last night.

Hot damn, if only I could dance like that!

Working on: Cleaning my house.

Thinking about: What my plans for tonight will be.

Anticipating: The pool picnic that I organised for the ladies in my office later.

Listening to: Neon Trees (the entire Habits CD)

This CD.. Bliss!

Drinking: Tea, wine would be better but it’s really too early.

Wishing: For a trip to Ireland.

I would love to go there one day!

The Man Vent

So what exactly is this that is attracting me to men that are “unavailable”?

Last year I fell for the most amazing guy, no really he was amazing – in fact still is, but probably wouldn’t even give me 5 minutes of his time because I went absolutely effing nuts after things ended and posted the “Superb Backside & Strawberry Story” on my blog. I knew when things started that it probably wouldn’t last yet I let it carry on. I have since heard he is an absolute flirt and enjoys playing ‘the field’.

Seriously, find your own toys!

A little over a month after him I allowed a guy to lead me believe I was totally going to be his lady, told me was I amazing, he wanted to take things slow, and like me too wanted a companion. One month of absolute hot vibes – then just like that NOTHING. Why the heck even bother giving me your time? Stay. Away. From. Me.! Someone even picked up that I had vibes with this guy on twitter, sent me a DM and said she knew of his ‘technique’ she literally could relay his entire pick up story to me in order of sequence! Shocker! All I know is thank goodness I was careful with this one and didn’t allow it to go far.

Before this goes any further, let me just clear the air… I am not pursuing a relationship, I am told that you should just go on with life and one day you will just stumble across the person you are meant to be with. That’s fantastic, what do I do in the meantime? Sit around twiddling my fingers, not show interest and look around? Erm O_o, a little help here please?

I am really trying to live here...

Now, I don’t know… I literally don’t, I am going say don’t one more time. I don’t know where I am heading towards in my current situation. I can’t say that I want to put a definition on it quite yet because I am not sure what it is. But I can for sure say that I am not a good times girl, so it’s definitely not headed in that direction.

I won't, I have misplaced my heart somewhere in my garden

I need to know – is it possible to bump into a hot/decent man in a queue in the bank, coffee shop, book shop, freaking license department that will A. Ask for my number and not only my BBM pin, Twitter account name or 1st stalk me on FB, B. Ask me out for coffee/lunch/dinner/a movie (somewhere in public) and C. Just attempt to flirt and see where it goes without thinking it immediately needs to go somewhere i.e. their bed?

What I really miss...

My next article was meant to be on my real RFP list – I guess I got side tracked. This vent has been a long time coming. The man vent. I have been single for almost 2 years, sure I know people have been single for longer than that, let me just say that I do not give a shit how long you have been single for and that eventually your one came around. Fantastic for you! I am independent, I know who I am and where I want to go and prefer my own space and I know that I am ready for some decent companionship.

That felt good. Damn.

Age – Is But a Number…

Age? Is but a number, right? Well I for one do not have real issues towards age, except for the fact that when I am sitting at a table full of people my age all I am really thinking to myself is “What am I doing here right now?” I just cannot do it; all I hear is “Blah, sex, blah, drunk, blah, partying, blah… BLAH”. Sure I have a couple of friends from school that are my age, and generally we all still get along very well 🙂

I. can't. hear. you.

I have learnt a lot about myself over the last, I’d say 6 months or so. I have realised that whilst I am still young (very young :)) I generally prefer to socialise with a much older crowd, both female & male company. I struggle to chat to others my age, because all they want to do is – party themselves into a drunk stupor, and hope to go to the parking lot with a random to have sex (yes I said it), smoke weed (smoking full stop is absolutely disgusting, but that is another story which I will one day post), sleep until the most ridiculous hour of the day (what a waste of the day time beauty), they talk about irrelevant & uneducated subjects (which from time to time is okay)… I am just not connecting with my age group.

It’s fine though… right? Well if not I may have a problem, but it’s already too late. I enjoy reading, going for dinners & movies (instead of the clubbing all the time), gardening (I know, I’m screwed)… p.s. my first Moon Flower should be blooming soon 😉 I LOVE my work, love it! The responsibility I have at work is also not that of a normal level for someone my age, which at times is stressful but I wouldn’t have chosen any different path for myself career wise.

I have already decided that should I not be in a fully committed relationship by at least 28 I will have a child alone (depending on the fact that I can actually afford to at the time).

One night stands and casual sex, I do not believe in it. It is just not for me. That is all I am saying on that, if you want to discuss that one in depth ask me for coffee, it’s at least a 30 minute discussion that I can have.

On holiday at the beautiful Umngazi Resort every year I meet up with the regular crowd my age (give or take 1 or 2 years older/younger), instead of drinking shooters till the wee hours of the mornings with them, I sit and drink wine & G&Ts with people at least 5 – 10 years older than me, why? Because the conversation is more interesting and more mature… However the chances that you’ll find me building a sand castle or doing cartwheels on the beach the next day is pretty high. What’s my point? I am still young and enjoy doing youthful ‘childish’ things. Acting like a kid is fun!

Fun like a kid!

Men/Man/Boys/Guys/Dudes… younger than me… NO GO, been there, done that and literally threw away the T Shirt; my age… high, horny & drunk; wait the horny part doesn’t change no matter what age group 😉 haha. Older than me? Yes, but not between ages 25 – 27, why? Because. they. do. not. know. what. they. want… Really I am not even joking here. But then again neither do I so I don’t know what I am really saying here 🙂

So the next article… I am thinking that I will actually be sitting down and typing out the real RFP list, so I can figure it out.

p.s I love clubbing, like in really love it and I cannot wait until I find a really sexy man to take out with me to party with.

Back to Reality

I survived work today! LOL just kidding it was a great day, I haven’t felt so relaxed in a while, so the holiday was 100% worth it –  not even my 500 emails could get me down this morning! 🙂 I walked back into Fire & Ice with the biggest smile, why? Because I absolutely love working there, I love the work I do, the people I work with are amazing (a special shout out to @lee_thabz who is an absolute gem) and of course the Hotel is beautiful.

Those beds are SO comfortable!

Many a jealous day have I sat in my office watching people sip cocktails & milkshakes on the Terrace

After eating well… pretty much all the time on holiday I was dying of hunger today – quick trip to Woolies to sort that out 🙂 definitely worth it because I got to walk past the iStore were an absolute hottie that works there gives me looks that will get him into some trouble one day 😉

Back to gym this evening it was for me, I haven’t been since the 2nd November last year so it was about damn time as well as that New Years resolution I have to keep up 🙂

Witness the fitness

It is like half of Jo’burg has joined my gym this month and they are all kitted out in proper expensive bright candy like gym gear, great  idea you monkeys, see you in 3 months!

Anyway my 2011 gym hottie came as I was leaving *melt* he is so damn sexy! I need to make him a reality 😉 haha

When I got home? This savage attacked me of the gate to my garden!

My CharlieC - crazy boi!

Looking forward to 2012 – it’s going to be epic! I can feel it 🙂

Umngazi 2011/2012 Holiday

So my Holiday has come to an end – and what an amazing one it has been, I am feeling relaxed, energized and ready for 2012!

I’m not sure how I am going to keep this post short because I had such an amazing time 🙂

Coming home every year to my parents is amazing – although I am not sure how much longer I will be able to come for a full three weeks every year, maybe 1 week at home and 2 weeks overseas? 🙂

I arrived home on the 18th December after my Mom’s Bday from East London (I hate that place – it is backwards and just plain sif; but that is a completely different story on its own!)

Someone call cow spotter... Lame! haha

The weather was great most of the holiday!

My two little sisters were absolutely ecstatic to see me again (yes they are indeed recognised as my sisters), we have had Picasso and Black Patch since we lived in Zimbabwe and they are gorgeous with two insanely awesome personalities! My CharlieC wouldn’t know what to do around them.

Two little brat sisters!

Unpacked and as white as a sheet I was ready to get my Holiday at Umngazi started!

My 1st couple of days I spent getting pampered at the Umngazi Spa – Mani, Pedi & Facial, which I also visited a few times again during the hol, let’s just be serious there are tons of colours one can paint their nails and I needed to have another facial before I went back to Jozi 🙂

Brightest colours I could find!

The first day I managed to get the beach, BLISS – the water and the sand was amazing! Now this story does not stop here, I started tanning and after a few minutes was no longer the only one on the beach – a Jesus like looking man and his ‘people’ joined me; they looked like typical Port St Johns specials, let me explain “Port St Johns specials” – this little ‘town’ in the Transkei is probably known as the biggest and best weed capital in SA and it is full of crazy little bars/shabeens that are called things like Jungle Monkey & Amapondo that have pot heads with dread locks sitting around openly rolling joints on the counters – I once just about ran screaming out Amapondo from the very sight… Anyway I am drifting – back to the beach 🙂

But first here are my fellow beach jollers 😉

'Jesus' leading his 'people' haha

I eventually fell asleep after being scarred for life by the “Port St Johns specials”’and their naked children that were frolicking in the water close to me. FAST ASLEEP! I was tanning on my stomach which meant I had undone the back straps of my bikini – what did I wake up to?

*MOOOOOOOOOO* Right in front of me stood a fat ass cow, I couldn’t even jump up I just lay there shouting; I am even chuckling right now as I think about the experience… Cow’s on the Transkei beach are a reality and I think it’s pretty cool even when they nearly very well give you heart failure 🙂

Death by this cow!

Of course my lily white ass got sunburnt so I got to enjoy a stunning spa bath up at the Spa with it’s breathtaking view… I went at least 4 times during the holi!

Umngazi Spa - Bliss!!

Every Saturday night there is a full on Seafood buffet at Umngazi, however since Saturday was Christmas eve dinner it was moved to the Friday and my parents were on duty so we went down for Seafood (prawns, langoustines, crayfish, mussels, fish and all sorts of other yummies! It also includes a full buffet of roasts and veggies etc. for those that don’t eat seafood and dessert… the food in this place never finishes) along with Seafood night comes the Pondo traditional dancing – what did my mom decide to do to me? She arranged that the dancers come to the table to make me dance with them FML – all I have to say is me and my blushing! It was great fun though 🙂

The pics are blurry but somewhere in that madness is me… dancing!

I wanted the floor to swallow me on the spot!

Christmas day was awesome and did the usual, worked and helped on Christmas eve in the dining room with 185 + service for dinner, Christmas day opened pressies with the parents and then every year my Dad dresses as Father Christmas and hands out gifts to the Hotel kids and we go give sweets to the local community kids 🙂

My Daddy!

I didn’t drink a lot in 2011, sure there was the occasional party but I never drink enough to get a hangover, I had a total of 2 hangovers in 2011 – one after a Crowne Comedy evening where I think I could have killed myself on red wine and the 2nd was after I won Graduate of the Year at GMs conference which resulted in my “Turning Point” article… Let me get to the point of this drinking paragraph – me myself and I decided to challenge my mummy on a Tuesday by offering her a TEQUILA – BIG MISTAKE! My mom loves Tequila and once she has had 1 she gets going, so my mom, Janine, Michelle and I started the Tequila…

I think I should only have had 1 soup of the day!

We made a song it goes like this (of course it doesn’t even rhyme or make sense but whatever):

1 Tequila’s not enough

2 Tequila we just getting started

3 Tequila is just not an even number

4 Tequila more!

5 Tequila is halfway to 10

And 6 Tequila… it just STOPPED there!

Needless to say I had not drank anything except 1 G&T earlier in the evening so I was feeling 100%, Michelle… went to bed halfway through breakfast the next day, my mom was grinning from ear to ear… she loves the stuff and Janine, well I joined her around the pool to catch a tan 🙂

I took it easy on the Wednesday, because I was damn tired… Come Thursday, I swear I am a sucker for punishment – back at the bar we were, once again drinking Tequila and no it didn’t stop at 6 each, we had managed to recruit another person and between the 5 of us had 13 Tequila’s each – in less that 1 hour, more than 1 bottle was consumed! I even managed to hoist my ass on the bar counter and dance on it, lol – it didn’t stop there I even started bar jumping! Trusting the entertainment manager Steve to catch me in his absolute drunken state, luckily for me he did 🙂

I usually NEVER drink when I go to Umngazi so the other guys & girls my age were absolutely shocked to see the above drinking ‘events’ from me. People were buying me Tequila for days after that!


Yes the next day I was feeling it; I slept it all off and the best cure was food, a coke, A LOT of H2O and Rehidrat 🙂 I have no idea when I can drink Tequila again…

I also chose to take part in the Umngazi Amazing Race ‘challenge’ (I was the oldest person there), one of the parents asked me to take part because her 6 year old son didn’t have a team… after 15 minutes I was the only girl in a team of 7 boys none older than 12… erm! Haha, it was great – except when I nearly drowned swimming across the Umngazi River and carried a 20 litre bottle of H2O around a tennis court! And yes our team came 1st 😉 that’s how I roll.

What else did I manage to get up to filling all the days between? Tanned, swam and walked on the beach 🙂

Tan sessions!

Braai with Parents on the beach, chops, bubbles, watermelon and fresh muscles off the rocks 🙂

Freshly braaied mussels & bubbles on the beach!

New Year’s was EPIC BRU! Haha, Cowboy’s & Indians was the theme and I went as a Cowgirl 🙂 We danced our asses off until 4 15am, this was the 1st year that I never made it till the sun risers beach crowd, but what an epic night!

Great friends were made!

Pretty much chilled, went to the spa and tanned for the remaining part of my holi’ 🙂

Umngazi River Bungalows you beauty, you never disappoint and I recommend this resort to any and everyone; single, engaged, honeymoon, families, friends, wedding venue, there is fun for everyone there. This was definitely a lazy holiday for me, previously I have snorkelled, fished, abseiled down a cliff into a gulley, ski-ed, been on a boat cruise, went horse riding… you get the picture right? Now go there!

Love the Transkei!

New Year’s Resolutions

I have never made New Year resolutions before, but as part of my ‘self reflection’ this holiday I have decided to give it a try.

So here they are –

Start doing more Charity/Community work in my own personal capacity (at least 1 project every 2 months)

Love the planet and the people

Stop drinking so much alcohol (specifically wine) – I will only drink on weekends, and SPECIAL occasions

No more booze!

Save money every month 🙂 – this is the difficult one!

This little piggy is going to go hungry!

Stop swearing and using bad language (it’s not that bad but quite honestly I shouldn’t be doing it all)

Go to the gym at least 15 times per month

I must, I must increase my...

I think that is more than enough for now 🙂 hoping I can stick to them… for as long as possible! I have a few personal and work related work goals but those are private 😉 and possibly more achievable than the resolutions! LOL

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