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One Wonders?

So once again I find myself in a really messed up situation – excuse my language but really there is no better way to describe it. Instead of writing an entire article about it like the “The Superb Backside & Strawberry Story” all I have to say is this –

Take things slow… what a load of bullshit – I think the next person that tells me that might actually get a fat slap across the face.

Why wait? Because apparently you are supposed to do the following – (and I think this just prolongs the build up, lifting you higher up so that when you fall it hurts even more).

“Because you took the next step all by yourself and you played the whole thing out in your head and you decided to bail before even giving it a shot. So this really great thing we have don’t worry about losing it, because it’s already gone” – heard on Vampire Diaries tonight. LOL, so appropriate

Then I tell myself – don’t worry, it’s almost December and then none of this will even matter!

What to remember in the New Year?

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