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Sometimes it’s fun to play in H2O!

Today started off a bit rocky, I woke up tired and moody – why? I have no clue, us with the boobs – we are confused.

I just wanted to relax today, do absolutely nothing – On my mind was BED, CUDDLING, DVDS & NOTHING!

My day improved… actually it turned out epic! I have the Apple Crumble and the sunburn to prove it 🙂

Here are a few pics of how much fun I had in the sun today with my cousin!

I nearly had it there...

I have always wanted to be a surfer… not really but I tried hard to be one today –

Yeah, get my surf on !

Titanic ....



Let us just count to 5… this shit ain’t as easy as it looks, I swam 1st team what like 6 years ago?

Tan time...

Just loved this pic!

And of course… me and my Owling – it always gets the best of me 🙂

Owling.... yup yup

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